D.I.Y. Potted Plant Favors

It’s time for another wedding-worthy craft project! This time, we’re making the coolest and cutest little potted plant favors. Succulents in particular make ideal gifts as they look great and are super easy take care of. You can find a wide selection of mini succulent pots at the flower market in Prince Edward ranging from about HK$20-HK$50. Let’s get started!


What You’ll Need:

  • A4 size cardstock, a variety of succulents, plain terracotta pots, gold spray paint, toothpicks, washi tape, scissors, elastic string, small hole puncher



1. Line your work area with a few layers of newspaper then carefully spray paint all the terracotta pots. Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area and wear protective clothing. Allow to dry completely.

2. Download and print out these plant tag templates onto A4 cardstock: (a) With Love, (b) Let Love Grow, (c) Grow in Love, (d) Thank You.


3. Cut out all the tags.


4. Secure toothpicks on the back of the tags with washi tape.

5. Alternatively, you may thread the tags with elastic string after punching a small hole on top or tape string to the back of the tags with washi tape.

6. Place the succulents in the dried terracotta pots and decorate with the tags however you wish.


Aren’t these just the most adorable favors? You can also use them as place cards by adding your guests’ names to the pots. What else are you waiting for? Time to gather the bridesmaids and get crafting!


Photographer: Nikkiloveu / Calligraphy: Lauhaus.co

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