5 Reasons Why Every Bride-to-Be Should Wear Pearls on Her Wedding Day

Sometimes we get caught up in the glitz and glam of diamonds and other stones that we forget a rare gem of the sea that is also quite the beauty. I’m referring to pearls–the perfectly imperfect ocean jewel. Today, in collaboration with Made of Pearl, we’re going to enlighten you a bit more about pearls and why you should consider wearing them on your wedding day.

(1) Pearls are organic treasures of the sea.

Pearls are natural creations from the ocean. What makes them extra special is that they exhibit raw beauty–no polishing or cutting is involved in a pearl’s final appearance. The organic layers result in a pearl’s elegant look, creating a fine piece of jewelry and an extraordinary gift from the sea.

(2) Each pearl is unique.

The raw and natural composition of a pearl makes each one extra unique. You will never have identical pearls and therefore, you know that what you hold is truly one of a kind. This rarity make pearls even more special.

(3) Pearls have defining features that make them extraordinary and beautiful.

The quality of a pearl is defined by three main features namely, shape, lustre, and surface appearance. The most common shape for pearls is round. A pearl’s quality is considered higher the rounder it is. However, there are other shapes that are also popular, such as the drop shape, baroque, or circled pearls.

Lustre is a unique physical appearance of pearls and refers to the reflection of images on the pearl’s surface. A pearl’s reflection, which is different from that of a mirror, appears to be filtered by a glossy, film-like layer. The quality of a pearl’s lustre is higher when sharpness and brightness of reflections increase. However, pearls that are less bright are still distinctly attractive.

Finally, surface appearance considers the pearl’s exterior quality. Flaws on a pearl’s surface are usually abundant because they are bred in an uncontrollable environment. Perfect pearls are rare, but possible, and are highly valued because this quality is very, very rare. While some people like perfect pearls, others find imperfection a more valued trait for pearls.

These three characteristics make pearls beautiful in their own way–different from fine gems, yet still ultimately captivating. Whether you choose a pearl of very high quality features, or a less esteemed design, what is to admire, really, is that whatever the combination of the three features, a pearl is ever so alluring.

(4) Pearls come in the most gorgeous colors and styles.

There are generally four types of pearls, Freshwater Pearls from China, Japanese Akoya Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, and South Sea Pearls.

Freshwater pearls are the most common and are more affordable. The quality of pearls of this type is average, but they come in various sizes and colors. Because of their variety, these pearls are ideal for fashion designs and are common choices for people who are new to pearls.

Japanese Akoya pearls have great quality but come in limited sizes. The most common color is pinkish white, but there are also bluish silver or champagne colors–what vibrant colors these are!

Tahitian pearls are unique, natural black pearls that come in varied sizes. They look very special because the combination of the dark color and lustre of these pearls result in peacock-like color or vivid black color reflections. Indeed, Tahitian pearls pose unique beauty and are perfect statement pieces.

South Sea pearls are usually considered to be the most luxurious pearls. They are available in gold or silver white colors. The sizes of these kinds of pearls are the biggest among all pearls–they can be as big as 18 – 20 mm. Larger pearls make extra elegant accessories and are favorites for grand events.

(5) There’s a perfect kind of pearl for you!

Because pearls are so unique, it’s unlikely that there isn’t one style or design out there that perfectly fits you. Pearls prices also vary, so you will always find something that fits your budget, too.

Pearls are simply elegant. Their unique quality and natural make are what define them and set them apart. If you were to me, I’d wear pearls for my wedding in a heartbeat! Would you?

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