20 Modern and Chic Gift Wrapping Ideas You Can DIY at Home

Here are Bride and Breakfast, we still believe in the art of gift wrapping. Whether it’s for a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or even a token of thanks for your entourage, we think that putting extra effort in the items’ look and presentation matters. Don’t you feel like a gift is even more meaningful when you know the person who gave it to you exerted effort in wrapping it beautifully? We do, so we want to inspire you with some modern and chic gift wrapping ideas that you can try out! The next time you have a gift to give, try these easy DIY-able gift wrapping inspos. Check them out now below.


Black and White

Don’t be fooled by the lack of embellishments of these designs because that’s exactly what gives them their charm. The minimalist look of these gift wrapping styles are absolutely chic, too.

[100 Layer Cake / Photo: Susanna Nordvall Photography]

[Almost Makes Perfect]

[Homey Oh My]


[Planting a Tree]

[Pottery Barn Blog]

[Homey Oh My]



In all honesty, we know you love rustic and natural looking themes. To give you just want you love, here are some styles that fit this theme perfectly. Earthy colors and some organic details work really well together, do you see?

[Angela Liguori]

[Spruce Crafts]

[Mybdarty on Blogspot]

[Nick and Alicia]

[Planting a Tree]


Just because you plan to go the modern route for your gift wrapping, that doesn’t mean you can add some fun, too! Here are some ideas that will add that extra fun factor in your gifts.

[Bespoke Bride]

[Box Wood Avenue]

[Faking it Fabulous]

[Lines Across]

[Planting a Tree]

[Planting a Tree]

[Something Turquoise]

[The House that Lars Built]


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