7 Cute Outfits for Your Page Boys

Did you think all page boy ensembles look the same? Well then, you’ll have to see the outfits below because oh boy, there’s a whole lot more to choose from! Note, taking or adding just one element from or to the outfit can make all the difference. Depending on the locale, season, and style you’re going for for your big day, take inspiration from each of the dashing looks and prepare to have your page boys be dressed to the nines!


1. Simple and Dapper

If you want to go for a simple yet dapper look for your page boys, this long sleeved shirt and bow tie pairing would work just fine! It’s a stylish, no-fuss ensemble.

[Photo from Ariz]

[Photo from Live The Fancy Life]

[Photo from H&M]


2. The Slick Trick

This outfit has a little bit more suave factor put into it. Adding a blazer or coat to the long sleeves and bow tie pairing makes a big difference!

[Photo from DH Gate]

[Photo from Inside Weddings]

[Photo from Ali Express]

3. Back to Basics

The classic combo of the blazer with the tie! Try out colored suits and mix and match colors to have your page boys don a more unique look.

[Photo from Alibaba]

[Photo from Roco Clothing]

[Photo from Zara]


4. The Heart Melter

How cute your page boys will look with suspenders plus a bow tie on! I find this look fun and absolutely adorable–putting on that bow tie does the trick.

[Photo from Casar]

[Photo from Etsy]

[Photo from T&S Hughes Photography]


5. Sophisticated yet Playful

Adding a vest to the long sleeves and bow tie pairing would be a trendier choice for those dapper little page boys. It’s a fashionably apt outfit for the wedding!

[Photo from Pinterest]

[Photo from Marriage Ring]

[Photo from River Island]


6. The Charming Look

This has got to be my favorite because it’s the perfect balance of simple and formal! The vest coupled with the classic tie makes all the difference, don’t you think?

[Photo from H&M]

[Photo from Roco Clothing]

[Photo from Roco Clothing]


7. Feeling Fresh and Quirky

Perfect for the beach or any outdoor wedding. There’s something so light and casual (in a good way) about pairing a short-sleeved shirt with suspenders and a bow tie!

[Photo from Wedding-Venues]

[Photo from Vansonsoo]

[Photo from Isteku]

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