7 Types of Grooms During Wedding Planning

They say that the true colors of a person come out during challenging times… just like when you’re planning your wedding. And while bridezilla is a popular term, it’s not just the bride who goes through the planning, right? Yep, you got it–the grooms too! And we’re sure it has revealed hidden parts of him you never knew. Ladies, can you spot which of these personalities sound like your groom-to-be?


1. The Clueless One. It’s not that he doesn’t want to help, it’s just that he doesn’t have an idea what to want! There, there.

2. The Go-Getter. “Let’s do it!” is his catchphrase. He’s the guy who funds it and makes it happen–anything, as long as you’re happy.

3. The Drunk in Love. The guy who says yes to every request because he’s just so in love with you. He even agrees with all your choices! Just look at the way he stares at you! So sweet.

4. The Frazzled. He’s getting so stressed. No one ever told him wedding planning was this hard! How come no one warned him about it?!

5. The Kanye. The groom who’s vainer than you ever thought he would be. Well, it’s his day too, after all!

6. The Fair and Square. He wants both of you to have a say in all situations because that’s the definition of compromise.

7. The Hands-On Guy. You end up getting surprised because at the end of the day it’s him who’s actually planning it more than you are! And you love him even more for it.


Did you see your groom in this list? At the end of the day, what matters the most is you both love and accept each other for who you are. That’s what marriage is all about!


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