#BNBWEDDINGTUTORIAL: Day-to-Night Soft Glam Look

Living in this bustling metropolis, we always find ourselves with a long list of social events we have to attend. If it’s a weekend, maybe you start out with brunch with friends, then tea with a few of your colleagues, and then a charity fundraising dinner at night. If you’re really unlucky, it would be a weekday where you have to attend a wedding after a long day of work. Days like these are so familiar, and we all know that dreaded short hour we get to touch up on our makeup, get dressed and ready to go for a glamorous evening out. So today, we’ve enlisted the help of the talented Joey Tang of Joman Beauty to show us how to go from drab to soft glam fab in just a few minutes. You better pay attention and take down notes as this might just become a lifesaving skill. This is the very first of our video features, so be sure to subscribe to our spanking new Youtube channel in the process!

Hair and Makeup : Joey Tang of Joman Wedding / Videographer: Supfilm

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