Why You Should Have a Kids Corner at Your Wedding and Fun Ideas You Can Adopt

If you’re including kids at your wedding, have you ever considered preparing a separate space for them? It might seem a wedding non-essential but preparing an area at your wedding specifically for the kids has its benefits. Let’s name a few.

(1) You can keep all the kids in one area.

You won’t need to worry about kids running around, poking into your cake, or making noise if you have a dedicated space for them and they’re preoccupied.

(2) You keep the peace with family.

Some couples want a kids-free wedding, but this can be frowned upon by other family members. To keep the peace, a kids area will allow you to compromise and manage the kids during your wedding.

(3) You make your wedding a fun experience for the kids.

Kids’ attention spans are short. Sitting and waiting for long periods of time make kids restless. When you put extra thought into a kid’s area with activities, you make the celebration a fun experience for them, too.

(4) You help the parents.

When the kids are well behaved and happily preoccupied in one area of your wedding, you actually help the parents. You relive them of the stress of taking care restless kids.

(5) You add a little something extra to your wedding wedding decorations.

Lastly, think of your kids table as an extension of you wedding decorations. You can create a quaint little nook that only adds more character and beauty to your overall wedding theme or design.

Now let’s take a look at some adorable kids wedding corner ideas that you can adopt for your own wedding. Scroll on!



[Photo: Oriental Trading]

[Photo: Melinda Bryant Party on Etsy]


Lego Building

[Photo: Gemma Clark Photography]

[Photo: Infused Studios]


Bubbles Making

[Photo: Rustic Wedding Chic]


Painting and Other Crafts

[Photo: CJK Visuals / Setup Design: Kari Rider Events]

[Photo: Jillian Michelle]


Jenga and Other Lawn Games

[Photo: Wedding Venues UK]

[Photo: Lovebird Weddings]

[Photo: April and Paul]


Cookie Decorating

[Photo: Wedding Venues UK]

[Photo: Petite Sun Bakery on Etsy]


Washable Tattoos

[Photo: Charla Storey Photography]





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