Using a Real Wedding Cake Can Make Your Cake Cutting Ceremony Extra Special! Here’s How.

The Cake Cutting Ceremony can easily be overlooked, but it shouldn’t! It’s a repeated custom at weddings because it represents the bride and groom’s commitment to providing for each other. Not only is it a symbolic act, it’s also technically the first dish you will have as husband and wife since this happens right after the ceremony and before the banquet. So, why not make this seemingly menial act a little more special for everyone? Instead of the common practice of using dummy cakes, why not use real cakes as well? It doesn’t need to go to waste after the wedding, you can serve the cake afterwards to guests or even let them take home some if they wish. Here’s a quick list of examples of how a real wedding cake can make the cake cutting at your wedding a more meaningful experience for you!


(1) Make your guests a part of it too.

[From: This Bride Wore an Elegant Qipao and a Stylish Modern Wedding Gown at Her Wedding / Photo: Jada Poon Photography]

Usually, guests are mere spectators to the cake cutting ritual. It will be more fun if you include them in the act. Tell your caterer to fill up all their wine glasses right before, then ask them to join in by making a toast wile you can your husband take that first bite!


(2) Give everyone a chance to taste the cake.

[From: This Cream and White Wedding Comes with a Dreamy Post-nuptial Shoot / Photo: Iluminen]

We hinted about this a while back–wouldn’t it be great if you served the cake to everyone? Even just a tiny bite will give them a little taste of that delicious and beautiful cake! You can also let your caterer make some minis for guests to take home. Tip: this little take home item can also serve as your giveaway already!


(3) Save the top layer for later.

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If you’re not flying away right away, a cute idea we think you’ll like is to save the top later and take it home. During your first home-cooked meal at your new place, have for dessert! You can also talk about some of your favorite parts of the wedding banquet as well. It will be a sweet start to your new life!


(4) Add surprise lucky charms for guests.

[From: This Couple Included Environmentally Friendly Decorations in Their Rustic Outdoor Wedding / Photo: Emma Fok]

This is perfect if you’re just having an intimate wedding with a handful of guests. Ask your caterer to include some secret lucky charms in the cake. Each charm should have some special meaning that will befall guests who get it! For example, one charm can be a baby symbolizing luck for having many children. Another can be a rocking chair which can symbolize lucky for having a long an happy life. Attach a ribbon to the charm so they can pull it out, or just let them find out when they take a bite!


(5) Make it reflect you!

[From: A Cozy Rooftop Wedding in Hong Kong / Photo: Patrick Photography]

While wedding cakes usually take classic form, don’t feel like you have to follow the norm. Make the cake reflect you as a couple! Decorate it with toppers that represent things you like, or make it vibrant and full of color–it’s really up to you!


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