6 Times the Color Gray Proved to Be a Perfect Wedding Color

Gray is one color we shouldn’t take for granted. It’s a great neutral tone that can be used in very many ways! It can be matched with other colors depending on your chosen style and theme. Here are six examples of how gray made the perfect wedding color!   (1) Gray made a great color […]

Chinese Wedding Traditions: Qun Gua

One of the most important elements in a Chinese wedding ceremony is the bride’s traditional two-piece wedding dress called the Qun Gua (裙褂), which literally means “long skirt and top coat.” A tradition that originated from Guangdong province, the Qun Gua or Gua for short is the most expensive gift from the bride’s family–usually a family heirloom passed […]

Whimsical Aynhoe Park Wedding

A floating giraffe, giant disco balls, a tree of feathers, oversized classical scultures, a flourescent green chandelier, and a unicorn chilling by a fireplace. You better brace yourselves for today’s whimsical wonderland of a wedding! With Aynhoe Park as their backdrop, a charming grand residence brimming with curiosities, Melissa and Steve tied the knot in […]

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