The Wedding Beauty Timeline You’ll Need to Say I Do To

They say that women are the most beautiful on their wedding day. It is indeed true, but not without some homework behind the scenes. We know how wedding planning can be stressful, and having to manage all that and upkeep that image at the same time can be a challenge. That bridal glow that we […]

A Dreamy Disney Pre-wedding Photography Service Captures Your Romance

Since then, they lived happily ever after… From the time she hears her first fairy tale, every girl’s dream is to become a princess. It may seem like a far-fetched dream in this day and age, but did you know you can still make this dream come true with the professional Disney wedding photography team? […]

An Enchanting Pre-Wedding Shoot in the Shing Mun Reservoir

You know what I like about engagement shoots? The fact that you can choose to do so many things with them! You can play around with the theme, you can have multiple wardrobe changes, and you can go and take pictures in awesome venues! I love how Sharon and Calvin chose to have theirs in […]

The Look