This Beautiful Lady Shares Her Passion for Art In This Stylish Photo Session

Showcasing your talent is one way to make your personality come out in any photo session. And because today’s muse, Jenny, is a painter, the team decided to showcase her unique gift. She brought a beautiful portrait panting on set and this became the focal point of inspiration for the photo shoot. To complement the […]

The Look



Sought-After Photographer KC Chan Shares About His Work, Style, and Tips for Couples

Any newly-engaged couple will have heard of or seen previews of the work of KC Chan. He has made his mark in the wedding industry not only because of the excellent quality of his work but also because of his very approachable and friendly personality. Furthermore, KC’s is very particular about communicating well with his […]

A Visionary and Master of Her Craft, Sophia Kwan Captures More Than Just Photos

Sophia Kwan is a known name in the wedding industry. You won’t ever go through wedding planning without coming across her name or her work. After five years, in the industry she’s been marked as one of those photographers that delivers exceptional work, has unparalleled vision, and possesses a keen sense of beauty. Today we’re […]