Important Do’s and Don’ts For Your Chinese Traditional Dress or Qun Gua

Qun Gua has a long history of over 100 years. Its origins can be traced back to the Guangdong area during the Qing dynasty, and through the years, its popularity spread all over mainland China. Today it’s still deemed a very important garment for weddings because of the history and heritage it carries. Naturally, because […]

10 Things To Remember When Choosing an Auspicious Wedding Date and 2021’s Best Dates

One of the important Chinese traditions that couple’s need to heed when planning their wedding is picking an auspicious wedding date. To the Chinese, having the right wedding date is key as it plays a great role in the kind of marriage you have. Choosing the wrong date is believed to cause marriage problems, and […]

This Bride Had 5 Stunning Outfits During Her Wedding, Including a Chic Lace Jumper!

We always love to see how brides get creative during their wedding. Today’s bride, Cindy, was definitely one stylish lass who changed into five different outfits during her romantic wedding at Panda Hotel Hong Kong. She started the festivities in her traditional gua, then slipped into a chic lace jumper for the garden ceremony. Then […]

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