12 Florists Who Can Make Your Floral Fantasies a Reality

Hi brides, how are your wedding preps going? We sure hope you’re having fun and enjoying the whole process. We know that planning can be loads of work–every detail counts, everything need to look perfect, and you want to get the best vendors who will turn your dream wedding into a reality. Don’t worry too much, […]

Charming Garden Editorial

There are few things in this world more romantic, more charming, and more sigh-inducing than a garden wedding. Maybe it’s because of the scenery or the abundance of greenery, or maybe it’s the gentle breeze and warm sunshine. But there’s one thing I can be sure of: this garden editorial by Jenny Tong Photography has got […]

The Look




Bouquet Breakdown: Light Pink Bouquet

One of the most important, if not the most important accessory of a bride on her big day has got to be her bouquet. A good wedding bouquet is one that captures the bride’s personality well and also the tone of the whole day. It most certainly can make or break a bride’s look, so it’s very important […]