10 Beautiful Bridal Portraits and Tips to Achieve Each Look

When it’s time to see the same day slideshow, I must admit, I look forward to the bridal portraits. I think the reason behind this is that bridal portraits capture the bride in a different light. She is seems more vulnerable because she is opening herself to this new life, and she radiates a raw kind of […]

Tender and Timeless Ties

If you’re looking for some quiet time, then you’ve come to the right place. Today’s wedding takes us to a private resort to witness the intimate union of Mandy and Nat. They chose a perfect venue for a small gathering that included a cozy ceremony site and and reception room. Both were adorned with white petals and linen, and accented […]

The Look


Video: Tender and Timeless Ties

It’s not everyday that we are lucky enough to view a special occasion like this–one with scenes and emotions that truly touch the heart. Mandy and Nat’s wedding video is more than a wedding day film. T. Art Videography turned their wedding video into a timeless story of the exciting beginning of newly-weds. While this three-minute highlight […]