Honeymoon Hotspots Part II: 10 White Sand Beach Resorts in the Philippines That Fit Your Budget

The last time we talked about beaches, we gave you a roundup of affordable resorts in Bali. Today, we’re adding to that list, but this time, we’ve compiled breathtaking beaches from the Philippines. Yes, imagine pristine, white sand beaches with a gorgeous view of the ocean–what more can honeymooners ask for? And to make it even easier […]

B&B Editorial: Oceans of Beautiful Blue

Inspired by the unpolished elegance of the sun, sand, and sea, the colors of the horizon, and the raw beauty of earthly gems, we bring you an editorial from the pristine shores of Cebu, Philippines. It’s a soothing palette of ocean blues and sea greens accentuated by purple jewels from the depths of the earth.  You’d really […]

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