In This All-white Wedding, The Bride and Groom Had Their First Look on a Ledge Overlooking the Sea

Netalie and Jacky tied the knot in the most stunning way ever! They had a very intimate wedding on a balcony adorned with white flowers. The distant mountains looming behind painted a serene backdrop for the lovers and clear azure skies illuminated the ceremony scene. To match the laid-back atmosphere of their venue, Netalie kept […]

12 Hidden Wedding Venue Costs Couples Need to Be Aware Of

When canvassing wedding venues, make sure you acquaint yourself with all the venue details, including all the hidden costs that might come along the way. One way you can check is by asking all the relevant questions about each venue that you visit. We have a guide for you here. But to simplify matters, we […]

Snow Suen’s Romantic Portrait Session at Rosewood Hong Kong

For today’s daily dose of inspiration, we have Snow Suen‘s idyllic indoor portrait session to enjoy. With Rosewood Hong Kong as her playground, Aupho Wedding and Mattography shot Snow indoors and by the garden that overlooks the harbor. Dreamy flowers by Origami Florist filled the scene turning Rosewood’s pocket garden into a little romantic haven. […]

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Can I Ask a Friend to Be My MC? Here’s The Answer.

When it’s time to pick the wedding MC, some couples prefer to have someone they know as their wedding host. We understand why a friend could be a good host–a friend will you and your husband-to-be more than a hired host. A host that knows you both well will be able to add fun anecdotes […]

A Serene Garden Wedding with Blush and White Decorations

Garden weddings have a way of making a wedding magical. Maybe it’s the refreshing greens or the fresh outdoor sun–whatever the reason, we can’t help loving every garden wedding that comes our way. Today’s wedding is no exception. Charis and Ming Yeung’s garden wedding at the Jockey Club Beas River Country Club is a sight […]

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