This Couple’s Dreamy Wedding Was Extra Intimate with Only 13 Guests!

We love grandiose weddings that really surprise us, but we all fall head over heels for weddings that are intimate and cozy. When Janet and Micheal’s wedding came our way, we were in awe of not only the captivating view at Samujana or the beautiful floral decorations by IAMFLOWER, we were also taken aback by […]

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This Couple’s Wedding Planner Flew To Europe for Detailed Research and Inspiration for Their Wedding

Planning your dream destination wedding is a challenge. But for today’s couple, Tammy and Kenneth, they found that the key to executing everything perfectly was finding the right planner who understands their vision and is truly dedicated to making their wedding as unique as can be. Luckily, fate made sure they met the right vendor […]

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Wedding Etiquette 101 – Couple Edition Do’s and Don’ts

When planning a wedding, there are just so many details to oversee. And alongside the main tasks to complete, you must not forget the proper wedding etiquette, too. We’ve put together 12 do’s and don’ts that couples should keep in mind while going about wedding planning. Just follow these tips and you will be on […]

11 Wedding Details Guests Care Very Much About

Part of wedding planning includes making sure your guests are comfortable during the wedding and that they enjoy the whole celebration. To plan out a wedding your guests can thoroughly enjoy, you must first know what your guests care most about when attending weddings. (1) The Invitation Your invitation contains the most basic and important information […]

6 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Child-Friendly

A wedding with kids can be a handful, and if you’re not prepared, you might face potential mishaps here and there. Having a child-friendly wedding is something to seriously consider if you have a lot of family and friends with kids coming along. It will help in having a smooth-flowing wedding, and the parents will […]