Stunning Photo Sessions From All Over The World

Who else has missed traveling so much? We surely have and it’s so nice to have the world open its doors once again. Inspired by this milestone since the pandemic hit a couple of years ago, we decided to help soon-to-weds rekindle their love for destination shoots. If overseas pre-wedding shoot plans were put on hold for a while, we hope this roundup of stunning photo sessions taken all over the world will get couples to rebook those tickets and fly off to their dream locations. We’ve all waited long enough. So have you. Now is the time to resume those travel plans.


[Photo: Gary from Tikit Production / Makeup: Y S Maria]


[Photo: Gary from Tikit Production]

[Location: Cappaocia / Photo: Aupho Wedding]

[Photo: Redblue Creation]


[Location: Hokkaido / Photo: IS Production]

[Location: Shirakawa / Photo: Sham2photography / Gown: My Tailorist / Makeup: Janice Fan Makeup]

[Location: Miyazaki / Photo: Fermat Photography]

[Location: Furano / Photo: Jac Shooting]


[Location: Hallstatt / Photo: Paul Wong Fine Art Photography]

[Photo: Iluminen]


[Location: Alishan / Photo: SHUCHi Production / Makeup: Chichi Yung Makeup]


[Photo: Wax Leung Photography]


[Location: Venice / Photo: Paul Wong Fine Art Photography]

[Location: Venice / Photo: Chester Kher Creations]

[Location: Rome / Photo: Savour Productions / Makeup Savour Makeup Artistry]

[Location: Isola Del Garda, Italy / Photo: KC Chan Photography]


[Location: Toronto / Photo: Blancs Production]

United Kingdom

[Photo: Aupho Wedding]

[Location: Cotswolds / Photo: Savour Productions]


[Location: Zermatt / Photo: IS Production]

Hong Kong

[Photo: Jeff Lee Picures]

[Photo: Sham2photography / Makeup: By Jade Tsan]

[Photo: Fermat Photography]

[Photo: Wax Leung Photography]

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