Period On Your Wedding Day? Here’s What You Need To Know

Let’s be honest, every bride worries about getting her period on her wedding day. Even if you’re focused on all the wedding planning details, at the back of your head you’re thinking about this huge “what if.” Some may think, okay we can worry about that when it happens, but the wiser mindset would be: how can I prepare just in case my wedding falls on a red day? No need to worry, because we have the answers right here. Here’s what you can do to prepare for as well as what you should do if you get your period on your wedding day.


(1) Track your cycle.

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As early as possible, use a period tracker. There are many app available to help you track and manage your cycle. Take advantage of technology so you’re fully aware of your cycle and you can anticipate better once your wedding day draws closer.


(2) Invest in good undergarments.

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Aside from making sure you have apt underwear that will ensure your wedding dress fits perfectly, you should also invest in good underwear just in case you get your period. You’ll want underwear that holds up well.


(3) Try a menstrual cup.

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The advantage of the menstrual cup is that it can last longer than a regular napkin or tampon. This way, you can avoid the stress and hassle of having to change every few hours. The likelihood of overflow stains is low when using a cup.


(4) You can also try period panties.

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Period panties can also be helpful if you’re not yet comfortable with switching to the cup. They also absorb twice he amount of flow compared to a regular napkin. You will need to change less and they don’t feel as bulky as the rest


(5) Let you Maid-of-Honor know.

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You’ll need your MOH now more than ever, so make sure you let her know if you have your period. Make sure to add checking for stains to her list of responsibilities. You’ll also need a lot of her help when you need to change so keep her in the loop of this important detail!


(6) Stock up on back-ups.

Make sure you include a lot of tissue, napkins, tampons, extra underwear, extra clothes when you pack your wedding day materials. Better to have all these things ready in case of any unwanted mishaps!


(7) Bring pain killers.

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Dysmenorrhea can be really painful, so make sure you have pain killers at hand! Let your MOH keep this within reach for you.


(8) Avoid alcohol, coffee, sugar, and salty food.

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While it is a day of celebration, you might want to tone down on alcohol, coffee, sugar, and salty food to avoid excessive bloating on your wedding day.


(9) Don’t let it ruin your day!

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Finally, hold your head high and own the day! Don’t let your period ruin this pivotal event in your life. It’s just another wrinkle you can easily fix if you followed all the steps above!


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