8 Must-Haves for A More Personal Restaurant Wedding Celebration

With the limited number of guests allowed at weddings, intimate restaurant weddings have taken the main stage in the wedding industry. Aside from providing a cozy feeling and superb menu options for the celebration, many restaurants already come with beautiful interiors. This set-up might not be what you initially hand in mind, but you can […]

An Utterly Romantic Styled Shoot at The Hong Kong Adventist College

If you loved this wedding and this pre-wedding shoot, both taken at the Hong Kong Adventist College, then today’s feature will be a special treat. In today’s feature, see how this venue is transformed into an utterly romantic scene! Jeremy Wong‘s tell all so you won’t want to miss out on all the stunning elements. […]

The Look



10 Fun Facts About The Origin of Wedding Rings

Hello, brides! Have you ever stopped to think about the origin of wedding bands? Who started the tradition and what was the meaning behind it? If you’re dying to know the answer, take a break from wedding planning for a while and come and join us for a bit. Read these 10 fun facts about […]

6 Things You Need To Know For Your Wedding Day Transportation

If your wedding ceremony isn’t in the same location as your reception or banquet venue, have you thought about how you’re going to get your guests from one place to another? Wedding transportation is something that an be easily overlooked. But just like all other wedding details, it’s an important element that needs your attention. […]

5 Ways You Can Embrace Your In-Laws

Once you get married, you automatically have a new family. Naturally there will be a short adjustment phase at the beginning, but you can easily get past this hurdle if you do you own part and make the effort to embrace your new family. You don’t need to do grand gestures, in fact, small acts […]