Blooming Beauty

Don’t people always say that you’re “blooming” when you’re in love? I think that expression may have had a heavy hand in today’s delightful photo shoot. It’s easy to tell from the very first picture that we’re in for something splendid, and oh-so romantic. Don’t you love how everything is so heavenly but genuine at the same time? We’re so glad that Emily decided to team up with Binc Photography to capture this once-in-a-lifetime, excited radiance, because my, oh my, it is divine!

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The Look



Fairytale Fantasy

Elegant, extravagant, and oh-so-romantic. Cocoon Bridal‘s latest wedding showcase at The Mira Hong Kong was a celebration of luxurious love. Featuring ultra-feminine designs paired with posh accessories by King Fook Jewellery, the show was truly a feast for the eyes. Adding to the charm of the whole show was celebrity couple Mimi Law and Power Chan with their adorable daughter gracing the catwalk, which also featured model Ann Ho. Such creations really make us proud of the creativity that Hong Kong can offer the world, so go ahead and be inspired!

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Wild Meanderings

We have all seen our fair share of gorgeous engagements, but today’s feature is one of those rare types that can just knock our socks off. Shen and Li’s magical session with Chen Kuaimer takes us on a dream journey through picturesque Xinduqiao — a place that I’ve just added to my travel list. I’m totally in love with the romantic and subtle styling, especially Li’s beautiful dusty blue dress matched with a stylish protea bouquet. Prepare to get mesmerized and allow the beauty to fuel your wanderlust.

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The Look



The Sweetest Story

You want to know what got my heart sighing today? The simple and gorgeously sincere storytelling Cadenza Studio managed to capture in the engagement shoot of Yan and On. The sweet styling, shy waves, and glances have me feeling like I’m at the beginning of a beautiful book–a beautiful mood for an engagement shoot. There’s something so dreamy but so genuine about today’s photos, and it’s quite a thing to behold. If you need more convincing, just take a peek at how Yan and On look at each other. If that doesn’t get your heart fluttering, then I don’t know what will!

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Fashion Friday: Tal Kahlon 2015 Bridal

It’s a rare thing when an involuntary “wow” escapes you upon seeing a photograph, but that was definitely not the case for me as I went through this stunning Tal Kahlon bridal collection. Each and every piece is feminine, elegant, and brimming with jaw-dropping drama. Wouldn’t it be a dream to wear one of these luxurious dresses? I must say, my eye is on that beaded deep V-neck number with a gorgeous, dramatic cape. With photos taken around the romantic streets of Spain, we can be sure we’re in for a visual treat. Happy swooning!

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