Fashion Friday: Alon Livne White 2016 Collection

How on earth do I even begin talking about today’s Fashion Friday? Maybe this would be a good way to start: If someone were to craft a dream set of wedding dresses, I think it would look a lot like the Alon Livne White‘s 2016 Collection! There aren’t enough words that mean “perfect” to describe these gowns, so I’ll have to settle for these terms: breathtaking, sexy, gorgeously detailed, and absolutely heavenly. Each and every dress will draw a new level of awe out of you, and you are going to have the hardest time in the world picking your favorite! I know I did. So sit tight, and prepare to bathe in pool of beauty.






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Inspiration Board: Urban Pastel Chic

On a perfectly clear day, as the sun sets over the Hong Kong skyline, the sky takes on a subtle purple and pink hue. Glass-covered skyscrapers turn into disco balls, reflecting these colors into countless different directions. On days like these, at exactly the golden hour, our city transforms into an absolute dreamscape. And that’s exactly the vision for today’s inspiration board. This one is for the quintessential cosmopolitan bride who embodies modern chic and loves minimalist details and understated luxury.


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Beloved Barcelona

Victoria and Max’s engagement shoot by Hyvis Tong can be described as a glimpse into the simplicity, ease, and joy of being in love, all photographed in one of the most stunning settings imaginable: Barcelona. The whole set is not only fun and all kinds of sweet, but also absolutely breathtaking. Be sure to keep an eye out for a few shots that look like they came straight out of a rom-com! Today we get to jump on our bicycles and cut out our paper hearts, so come and meet us in Barcelona!





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The Look



#BNBWEDDINGTUTORIAL: Day-to-Night Soft Glam Look

Living in this bustling metropolis, we always find ourselves with a long list of social events we have to attend. If it’s a weekend, maybe you start out with brunch with friends, then tea with a few of your colleagues, and then a charity fundraising dinner at night. If you’re really unlucky, it would be a weekday where you have to attend a wedding after a long day of work. Days like these are so familiar, and we all know that dreaded short hour we get to touch up on our makeup, get dressed and ready to go for a glamorous evening out. So today, we’ve enlisted the help of the talented Joey Tang of Joman Beauty to show us how to go from drab to soft glam fab in just a few minutes. You better pay attention and take down notes as this might just become a lifesaving skill. This is the very first of our video features, so be sure to subscribe to our spanking new Youtube channel in the process!

Hair and Makeup : Joey Tang of Joman Wedding / Videographer: Supfilm

Rose Quartz and Serenity Editorial

When Pantone announced the new colors of the year, we jumped for joy just like the rest of the wedding scene. Go on and say it out loud: Rose quartz and serenity. Even their names are incredibly pretty! Today, Sophia Kwan Photography and Nikkiloveu present us with an editorial patterned after the two dreamy shades. This shoot definitely serves as proof that together, rose quartz and serenity can be the color scheme of dreams. Prepare yourself for something delicate, light, and delightfully princess-like! Our hats are off to Pantone for this perfect match, while our hearts are off to dreamland!








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The Look