27 Breathtaking Engagement Rings To Say Yes To

There’s nothing quite like stunning jewelry to make us women swoon. And what piece of jewelry is more important than your engagement ring, really? We scoured the Instagram universe to give you 27 of the prettiest left hand sparklers out there. Whether you’re married or single, we guarantee you’ll find something to obsess over from this list. Go ahead and take your pick! Maybe even “accidentally” leave this open on your computer for your clueless beau or hubby. ????



For the traditional bride who likes things that never go out of style



Still classic but with a little extra oomph



For the classy bride — subtle yet extravagant.

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Cosmopolitan Love Story

Sometimes it takes one look at a couple for you to know that they’re meant to be together. Maybe it’s because of their beaming smiles or the special twinkle in their eyes. Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Manda and Theron look completely perfect for each other. This gorgeous couple’s cosmopolitan style was on point from their civil wedding at City Hall to their post-nuptials session around town. Luckily they had Mary Ann‘s photography team in tow, so we’ve got a full dose of magic to enjoy today!

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The Look


A Parisian Escape

Can anything really beat an engagement shoot in Paris? Stephy and Jeff’s photoshoot makes it difficult to think so! Binc Photography already floored us with their work for Shanghai Sweethearts, and yet again they capture everything so well, I feel like I’m right there with them! I willingly admit… I was sighing from the very first photo, and I was not disappointed by anything that followed. An Eiffel Tower background, carousel, park bench, suit and stripy skirt, and a dress by Vera Wang are just a few of the things that came together to make everything so chic and perfect. Looking at these photos, there’s no doubt about it — falling in love isn’t just fun, it’s darn pretty, too!

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The Look



Fashion Friday: Mira Zwillinger Stardust

“You’re not fully dressed until you sparkle.” If you feel like that quote was written for you, then there is no way you can miss out on this gorgeous collection by Mira Zwillinger. Each and every piece is simply dazzling, but never in a way that is overdone. Elegance and whimsy is combined so gracefully, dress-devotees across the board will be smitten! And so we present today’s Fashion Friday — a reminder to scatter a little bit of sparkle wherever you go!

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Love in the Little Things

Sometimes being in love is all about the little moments. Once the big wedding day is done and dusted, life goes right into shopping together, eating together, and just talking to teach other. With this engagement shoot, Kayelle Photo presents us with a delightful, sigh-worthy look into the day-to-day life of being in love. And judging by how these two look at each other so comfortably, they’re having lots of fun! Floral dresses, bowties, sidewalk smiles, stolen laughter, and a lovely walk around Soho come together beautifully, and remind us of something important today: We never have to try too hard to be romantic, because what could be more romantic than simply being with the person you love?

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The Look