Vendor Spotlight: BerinMade Designs

Today’s Vendor Spotlight is on a creative paper goods company called BerinMade Designs. Led by husband and wife team, Ben and Erin Hung, BerinMade carries a line of fresh and modern stationery designs that range from ready-to-go sets to semi-custom and fully-custom suites, making it really easy for couples to pick the perfect invitation to represent the most important day of their lives. Their latest ready-to-go wedding collection features four amazing suites: Modern Fairytale, Wildflowers, Orchids, and Tropical Palms. We sat down with the creative genius Erin to find out a little bit more about their product offering and where she draws inspiration from.



1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

We are a boutique stationery company based in London, UK, but we serve a wide range of clients all over the world! I head a small team of designers and we work very close with wedding couples on their stationery, and offer a range of ready-to-go designs as well as a custom service. Our everyday and gifts ranges are can be found in stores across the UK and Europe, including iconic department stores such as Selfridges and Liberty.

2. How did you start BerinMade? 

I started with a small collection of mix and match wedding stationery back in 2012 with lots of our now-signature floral swatches and colourful patterns, after quitting my job at an art auction house. I was lucky at the time as my friend and photographer Marianne Taylor was doing an inspiration shoot and needed some stationery, so I sent her some of my samples. The photos eventually were printed in a national magazine which gave us a brilliant head start on our launch.

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Fashion Friday: Inbal Dror 2016 Collection

As we usher in the long and busy weekend ahead, we thought we’d bring you something extra special for Fashion Friday. Ever since Inbal Dror’s designs hit the international scene, brides from all over the world have fallen madly in love with the incredible dresses that redefined what wedding gowns could look like. With figure-hugging silhouettes, plunging necklines, and sheer layers adorned with intricate embellishments, it’s really not difficult to see why. So without further ado, here’s Inbal Dror’s latest collection set against the concrete jungle that is New York City. Enjoy!

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When Love and Art Collide

Do you believe in matches made in Heaven? After today’s wedding by Martin Aesthetics, you probably will! Peter is a Canadian painter and Thierry is obsessed with Eastern metaphysics. If there was any love story decreed by fate, I’d say it’s this one. You can tell from the very first picture that you’re in for something different, striking, and every kind of wonderful! It can be tricky to look intensely and equally perfect in three different outfits, but Thierry wears each piece gorgeously without batting an eyelash. First, she appears as a picturesque bride adorned in traditional details by Koo Nam Wah‘s Qun Kwa, then a flower-crowned Rosa Clara queen, and lastly as an elegant lady in green. We are in love with these mismatched, deep hues of red, and the fun and relaxed vibe among the entire entourage. The entire affair is artsy, quirky, and just the thing to make our day divine!

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Magnificent Irish Castle Wedding

We’ve all had our fair share of weddings that we’ve attended as guests. Even if it’s not really appropriate to pick favorites, we have to admit that some weddings just have that extra sprinkling of magic that put them a head above the rest. Today’s featured wedding is easily one of those rare types. Erica and Matthew’s unforgettable wedding in Adare Manor looked like it came straight out of a storybook. Erica was the most radiant bride in her elegant Vera Wang dress, while Matthew looked debonair in his classic black tux. But we’re really just getting started as this couple’s impeccable taste and thoughtfulness went into every little detail that made up this special day — from their meticulously-designed wedding crest and the custom calligraphy, to their walk down the aisle led by a bag-piper, to the premium whisky tasting bar and cocktails concocted by the couple, all the way to the romantic flowers and tall silver candelabras that adorned their reception hall that was reminiscent of the Great Hall at Hogwarts. It’s a good thing they had Brosnan Photographic behind the lens, so we get to ogle over all the amazing details for as long as we want. Slipping into dream mode in 3, 2, 1…

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Fashion Friday: Krikor Jabotian Dahlia Collection

Some days are just really unlike most days, especially when you’ve got an extra gorgeous set of dresses to go gaga over! Today’s Fashion Friday pick is Kirkor Jabotian’s latest Dahlia collection, and it’s yet again left all of us completely smitten. With voluptuous plays on volume and decadent use of textures made of lace and heavenly beading, these dresses will make you want to reach out and feel the luxurious details through your screens. Here’s to the start of an amazing weekend ahead!

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