Vendor Spotlight: Pumpkin Tableware Rentals

We’ve got an extra special treat for you today as we start a new series highlighting local wedding-related vendors. Our hope is that this series will allow us to get to know the brains, creatives, and entrepreneurs that help build up the Hong Kong wedding community and better equip you as clients in deciding which vendors to work with during your big day.

Our first Vendor Spotlight is on a specialized tableware rental company called Pumpkin. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Jessica Trower, a spunky soon-to-be-mom that moved from the UK two years ago. She has an extensive collection of stunning tableware pieces from all over the world that I’ve been dying to see more of in Hong Kong weddings, so I’m beyond excited that they are finally accessible through Pumpkin’s rental services.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I am a wife to a fabulously supportive man, a soon to be Mama (Christmas eve baby!), a lover of beautiful things, and my middle name is Joy – so it only makes sense that I love celebrating… Everything! All of these things combined are at the heart of Pumpkin, a boutique tableware rental company based in Hong Kong which specializes in vintage and high-end tableware. We are passionate about celebrating and infusing your event with the magic it deserves.



2. How did you start Pumpkin?

My husband, James, and I moved to Hong Kong two years ago following a call to start a church. When we got here my plan was to start a wedding design company, and through compiling my little black book of contacts I realised that the Pinterest weddings that I had dreamed of designing were almost impossible because tableware rental companies were only providing standard white china and plain glassware. For our wedding in 2011, James and I had a big vintage tea party picnic for all of our guests while we were having our photos taken on the beach, and for that we provided picnic hampers filled with goodies, picnic blankets and lots and lots of dainty vintage teacups filled with yummy tea which was handed out to the guests as they arrived in the walled garden where the picnic was taking place. My lovely mother in law came up with the idea of actually buying all the teacups, teapots, milk jugs, sugar bowls etc. and so when I decided to go ahead and start Pumpkin we shipped over half a ton of vintage china and that’s where it all began. Since then, we have expanded our collections to include vintage glass goblets in every color from the US, pink glass dinnerware from France, gold flatware from Portugal, and the list goes on!



3. What makes your service unique?

On top of being the only vintage and high-end tableware rental company in Hong Kong, we assure you that all of our collections are not only high quality and ensured to bring the magic back to your dinner table, but all of our pieces are high-end or genuine antiques from the UK, continental Europe, and the USA.

4. What is your favorite part of the job?

I actually have two favorites… is that allowed?! A few months ago, when I told someone what I did for work, they looked at me and said ‘So, basically, you took a little girls’ playtime activity of collecting pretty things and having tea parties and turned it into a job?!’ And I guess the answer is ‘yes!’ The joy in dealing with vintage items and heirloom treasures is amazing, each goblet, teacup and plate has a story and as I source them, it is not unusual for a letter to fall out of the packaging, or for there to be an inscription in the box which shares a little of the item’s secret story with me. My second favorite part is sharing in the joy and the story of the event that I am creating. Be it a wedding and finding out the couple’s story and hearing of their love for each other or a birthday tea party and seeing friends come together to celebrate.


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At the Tender Age of Timeless

Half set in the city of London, half set in Pencarrow House and Gardens, this love story is nothing short of timeless. Henry F‘s photojournalistic style is what makes him such a talented storyteller. Just from these photos alone, I feel like I’ve learned so much about Vivian and Johnny. Henry F.’s photography manages to capture the couple’s gentleness and sweetness towards each other. I can feel their shared warmth and affection just from a few dozen photos!

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Fashion Friday: Galia Lahav Ivory Tower

Get ready to go gaga over today’s Fashion Friday feature! Galia Lahav’s Ivory Tower collection is certified drool-inducing with sultry silhouettes and exquisite embellishments that this Tel Aviv fashion house is well-known for. I have my eyes set on the gorgeous cropped lace number (with pockets!!) and that sheer tulle masterpiece. Go ahead and stare away, and let this be the start of an amazing weekend!

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Bouquet Breakdown: Colorful Spring Bouquet

This unique bridal bouquet by Celeste Hana Designs caught my eye recently, so I figured it was time for another Bouquet Breakdown feature! I just love the play of colors that paints us a fresh picture of spring. Despite the use of multiple colors, the whole look is not overwhelming as the shades all fit a perfectly pastel palette. The addition of succulents also gave this bouquet an extra interesting twist.




Florist: Celeste Hana Designs / Photographer: Nikkiloveu

Subtle Elegance

We are excited to indulge in our princess dreams with today’s oh-so-romantic engagement session shot by Hilary Chan. Vivi and Calvin takes us through Windsor Castle’s immaculate grounds and paints us the prettiest of fairytales. We are smitten by Vivi’s gorgeous lace number topped with a perfectly sparkly headpiece. She looked exceptionally radiant especially with her Prince Charming, Calvin, right by her side. Let’s join this sweet pair as they reminisce their “Once upon a time” and begin their “Happily ever after.”

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