Bouquet Breakdown: Colorful Spring Bouquet

This unique bridal bouquet by Celeste Hana Designs caught my eye recently, so I figured it was time for another Bouquet Breakdown feature! I just love the play of colors that paints us a fresh picture of spring. Despite the use of multiple colors, the whole look is not overwhelming as the shades all fit a perfectly pastel palette. The addition of succulents also gave this bouquet an extra interesting twist.




Florist: Celeste Hana Designs / Photographer: Nikkiloveu

Subtle Elegance

We are excited to indulge in our princess dreams with today’s oh-so-romantic engagement session shot by Hilary Chan. Vivi and Calvin takes us through Windsor Castle’s immaculate grounds and paints us the prettiest of fairytales. We are smitten by Vivi’s gorgeous lace number topped with a perfectly sparkly headpiece. She looked exceptionally radiant especially with her Prince Charming, Calvin, right by her side. Let’s join this sweet pair as they reminisce their “Once upon a time” and begin their “Happily ever after.”

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The Look



Lifelong Love

If you’re in the mood to have your heart lifted, you might just want to drop whatever you’re doing! Angela and Danny’s wedding by Sophia Kwan is teeming with an honest-to-goodness warmth, tenderness and intimacy that reminds us what the “big day” is all about! A gorgeously understated bouquet and an ethereal gown, however, do help to make the day divine! Best of all, our bride and groom have lent us their wedding day letters to each other, so you might release a tear or two (don’t worry, I certainly did)! Enjoy, and fall into the loveliness!

A letter to her:

Dear Angie,

Marriage is a life altering commitment. It is normal for most people to have cold feet before they get married. However, this is a feeling that I never experienced.

Tomorrow will be perfect. No matter what happens, it will. Trust me. Even if the sky falls down, if mountains sink, no matter what, it will be all right, because it means that we will be together at last as husband and wife.

We will finally get to start our lives together and enjoy every moment, hold one another through every happiness and pain, and ultimately just be with one another forever.

I love you.


A letter to him:

Dear Danny,

When I first saw you at school campus, my impression was – this guy styles his hair in a ridiculous way. At the time, I didn’t realize you would be my life companion.

This is a little gesture, to let you know the feelings I carry for you. A bible quote comes to my mind – 1 John 3:18 ‘Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.’

I am always an emotional person. Your kindness and enthusiasm, your gentle look and the way you care, the touch of your hands soothe away my fears. It is amazing that, without words, you can speak right to my heart. I thank God for bringing you to me.

I am looking forward for the doors at the church to open, to meet you at the head of the aisle, to say our vows before God, family and friends.

There may be hardships in our marriage; I hope this letter will serve as a reminder and bring us through the tough times.

I love you.


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The Look


Fashion Friday: Kaviar Gauche Papillon d’Amour

Is it just me or is Kaviar Gauche’s latest collection perfect for the the modern woman? It pairs airy tulle skirts with structured lace tops; ornate skirts with an effortlessly chic sweaters; sexy diaphanous details with demure silhouettes. It’s playful yet delicate, sophisticated yet effortless, tender yet powerful, traditional yet edgy. The use of butterflies throughout the collection also captures this balance. Butterflies are a symbol of elegance and grace but also strength and resurrection. It’s a sign of transition and transformation. What a perfect symbol for your wedding day! Get ready for your heart to be aflutter as you scroll through this truly unique and breathtaking collection.

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A Wintry Romance

It is currently fall in Hong Kong and often times, the sun is so bright that you regret wearing that sweater you thought was a good idea. Today’s photo shoot by Darren Le Burf features Rebecca and Kwong, a truly handsome looking pair.  The backdrop of their photoshoot highlights pristine beaches and beautiful foliage mixed with urban structures. The muted tones used and occasional pops of deep color allow the couple’s bright smiles to fully shine through. We can’t help but be excited for these two and also for the colder months up ahead.

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The Look