D.I.Y. Date Banner (with Free Printable)

It’s been a while since our last DIY post, so we figured it was time for another installment! Today’s project is a super easy date banner that you can use as a prop for your engagement session or for your save the date photo or even as decoration for your engagement party or wedding day. We created a printable template featuring custom brush calligraphy by Lauhaus.co. Let’s get started!


First, some supplies:

  • A4 size card stock, printer (not pictured), scissors, hole punch, 1.5 meter ribbon, metal eyelets and eyelet punch (optional)

  • Materials for decoration. We played with some watercolor and gold glitter for our examples, but feel free to get really creative!

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Tai Fu Tai Mansion Engagement

What better place to celebrate beautiful beginnings while honoring one’s roots than in an opulent place that embodies history and tradition? You can just imagine how our hearts sang when we saw this stunning shoot by Hyvis Tong Design and Photography at the Tai Fu Tai Mansion. The combination of striking architecture and rich details make for picture-perfect backdrops. It’s no wonder our couple, Krizia and Richard, looked so effortlessly regal. After their formal shoot, they move on to a casual and fun time by the Shek O beach. A perfect way to end a day well spent if you ask me!

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The Look


Pastel Daydream

Our Monday morning is gonna get a whole lot sweeter with Jessica and Leo’s soft and dreamy couple session. This pair of university sweethearts exuded carefree romance, moving from moment to moment with so much ease. What probably helped was Jessica’s experience as a budding photographer herself (check out her work here). With Savour Production behind the lens and some handmade props in tow, they thoughtfully take us back to their alma mater where their story began and share with us pastel-perfect moments that will surely leave sweet smiles on our faces.

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The Look




Fashion Friday: Jenny Packham Resort 2016

Jenny Packham’s latest resort collection paints us a picture of a modern English garden soiree attended by the city’s trendiest women. It’s a treasure trove of elegant but fun evening dresses that you can consider for your wedding festivities. I especially love the chic white romper and the sleek white dress with a deep-V and crystal detailing — so unique and edgy. Come and take a good look, and let me know your favorite in the comments!

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Guide to Getting Married in Hong Kong

Efficiency is definitely one of the perks of living in a city like Hong Kong. Most government processes are made as straightforward and hassle-free as possible, including that of getting legally married in Hong Kong. Although simple, not a lot of people know about the civil registration process, so we decided to come up with a brief step-by-step guide that you can use as reference.


STEP 1: Book an appointment to submit a Notice of Intended Marriage
You would need to give a Notice of Intended Marriage no earlier than 3 months but at least 15 days (excluding Sundays) before your date of intended marriage. An appointment to submit this notice can be booked either online or by calling +852 3102 3883.

STEP 2: Prepare required documents
Either HKID card or travel document of both you and your soon-to-be spouse must be presented for verification during the appointment. You will also be required to fill out Form MR21B, so you can prepare this in advance or, better yet, submit it ahead of time online.

STEP 3: Submit Notice of Intended Marriage
Only one of you (see note in Step 4) would need to show up for the appointment with all the required documents. A fee of HK$305 would have to be paid to file the notice. If you are getting married at a marriage registry, you’ll also be allowed to book a time slot for your preferred date and marriage hall of choice during your appointment. An additional fee of $715 would have to be paid for celebrations within office hours or $1935 for outside office hours.

STEP 4: Claim Certificate of Registrar of Marriages
At least 15 days after your submission of Notice of Intended Marriage (and assuming no one objects to the notice), you may claim the Certificate of Registrar of Marriages which will be valid for the next three months. If you are getting married at a licensed place of worship, be sure to pass this to them before your scheduled ceremony. (Note: If only one of you submitted the notice in Step 3, the other party would have to pick up the certificate, so their declaration can also be confirmed.)

STEP 5: Get Married!
If you are getting married at a marriage registry, arrive at least 15 minutes before your time slot with two adults as witnesses. Be sure to remind them to bring a valid ID. A Registrar will ask you to read out the marriage oath and ask you and your witnesses to sign the marriage certificate, after which your wedding is official! HOORAY!

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