Elegant + Traditional Kyoto Wedding

I think we can all agree that the beginning of the week demands a good pick-me-upper, so why don’t we sweeten up our Monday with something extra special and enchanting? Tyler and Chieko’s wedding set in picturesque Kyoto is not only romantic but a real joy to look through. Their sophisticated style and classic color scheme were liven up with traditional touches that made the day truly unforgettable. Just wait until you see their amazing kimonos! It’s not often you see such a seamless bond of sophistication and fun, so you’re in for a real treat today, especially with Lauhaus.co behind the lens.







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Fashion Friday: Rami Kadi S/S 2016

Going through today’s Fashion Friday put a huge smile on my face, not only because I adore it, but because it got me so excited to share it with you all. Breathtaking patterns, capes, and lace–all creatively photographed–are ours to swoon over today! I’m smitten by how fresh, fun, and out-of-the-box each dress is. Based on the photography, structure, and pattern of each gown, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rami Kadi took some ideas from the gorgeous creatures of the sky. Have a look for yourself, and be as delighted as we are. Enjoy!






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15 Romantic Off-Shoulder Wedding Dresses

One of my current favorite wedding dress trends has got to be the off-the-shoulder neckline. It’s effortlessly romantic and sexy, plus it accentuates a woman’s shoulders very well. I really hope to see more brides venture out with this style as an alternative to the classic strapless necklines. Here are some of my favorite pieces to give you all a head start:


1. This modern and chic Houghton number with extra flowy sleeves.



2. This heavenly Vivian Luk piece with layers of layers of tulle.



3. This ethereal Marchesa dress that’s fit for an elven princess!



4. This Liz Martinez naked dress is trendy, sexy, cool.


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Inspiration Board: Garden Glamour

Once in a while I find myself reminiscing about my own wedding day. One of the key things we were quick to decide on was our wedding palette, which was actually based on a painting by Morandi (my husband’s favorite painter). Up until now, I am still constantly drawn to same colors, so I figured I better an inspiration board around it. This palette is like a stroll through a posh European garden at dusk when the light is the softest. The muted shades exude an understated sophistication that bring a certain level of maturity, while the array of colors still give it just enough vibrance. The gold accents, of course, complete the whole look by injecting a bit of luxury. Voila!


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One Fine Day

Don’t you find that beauty is in the simplest of things? I certainly do. You don’t always need all the bells and whistles out there for a beautiful wedding, because in the end, it’s all about two people getting married and a day that represents them best. Elisa and Andy’s wedding at Tai O Heritage Hotel shot by Nadia Hung is a breath of fresh air and the perfect reminder of just that. I love how bright and breezy the whole day seems, and how these photographs almost seem stolen. And Elisa? She looks absolutely ethereal. She and Andy certainly make a darling pair. So settle in, and enjoy today’s dose of inspiration!











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The Look