Magnificent Irish Castle Wedding

We’ve all had our fair share of weddings that we’ve attended as guests. Even if it’s not really appropriate to pick favorites, we have to admit that some weddings just have that extra sprinkling of magic that put them a head above the rest. Today’s featured wedding is easily one of those rare types. Erica and Matthew’s unforgettable wedding in Adare Manor looked like it came straight out of a storybook. Erica was the most radiant bride in her elegant Vera Wang dress, while Matthew looked debonair in his classic black tux. But we’re really just getting started as this couple’s impeccable taste and thoughtfulness went into every little detail that made up this special day — from their meticulously-designed wedding crest and the custom calligraphy, to their walk down the aisle led by a bag-piper, to the premium whisky tasting bar and cocktails concocted by the couple, all the way to the romantic flowers and tall silver candelabras that adorned their reception hall that was reminiscent of the Great Hall at Hogwarts. It’s a good thing they had Brosnan Photographic behind the lens, so we get to ogle over all the amazing details for as long as we want. Slipping into dream mode in 3, 2, 1…

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Urban Jungle Bride

There are many different ways to capture the aura of a bride: that once in a lifetime, solemn but certain enchantment that envelopes someone who’s chosen forever with someone else. We think that Androidsinboots has found one beautiful way to capture that aura in Sham Shui Po of all places. We are led out of what we know to be the pretty side of Hong Kong and into bustling streets and marketplaces, as well as isolated rooftops in humdrum hours. Perhaps this is what spurs the most engaging factor of the photographs: the connection you can feel with each one, as though you were or had been there, carried along by our standout bride, who glows in a perfect dress by Olive Suite Weddings. Having such an angelic subject in such charmingly ordinary places leads us to recognize that these “ordinary” places are the ones to treasure most. Prepare your heart to meet a bride, and even our city, in a whole new way!

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The Look




Fashion Friday: Krikor Jabotian Dahlia Collection

Some days are just really unlike most days, especially when you’ve got an extra gorgeous set of dresses to go gaga over! Today’s Fashion Friday pick is Kirkor Jabotian’s latest Dahlia collection, and it’s yet again left all of us completely smitten. With voluptuous plays on volume and decadent use of textures made of lace and heavenly beading, these dresses will make you want to reach out and feel the luxurious details through your screens. Here’s to the start of an amazing weekend ahead!

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Chinese Wedding Traditions: Qun Gua

One of the most important elements in a Chinese wedding ceremony is the bride’s traditional two-piece wedding dress called the Qun Gua (裙褂), which literally means “long skirt and top coat.” A tradition that originated from Guangdong province, the Qun Gua or Gua for short is the most expensive gift from the bride’s family–usually a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. It symbolizes an abundance of children and is telling of the family’s wealth and reputation, so wearing a fine Gua on your wedding day is very important!

[Full feature: Endearing Romance / Photos: Jada Poon Photography]


The original Gua was made up of a black jacket and a red dress. The full red Gua only appeared in the 1960s, but since then the black and red became the style for mothers. A Gua normally takes a master tailor and embroiderer 3-8 months to finish. They usually come in red fabric embellished with gold and silver embroidery. The denser the embroidery, the more expensive the Gua becomes. With barely any trace of red, the most expensive Guas can take up to a year to make and would cost the family a small fortune.

[Full feature: Peach Perfection / Photos: Mary Ann Art & Photography]

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Bouquet Breakdown: Elegant Purple Bouquet

When I stumbled upon this stunning bouquet by JF Floral Couture, I just knew it had to be the star of our next Bouquet Breakdown feature. With gorgeous shades of purple and ivory, this arrangement exuded elegance and romance in a very unique way. We really hope to see more standout florals like this on our future brides!

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