Love Set in Stone

Destination engagement shoots are always a treat, and Savour Productions gives us a breath of fresh air with Sharon and Vincent’s trip to Obidos in Portugal. Taking a walk through a medieval town is already something to marvel over, but you get to appreciate the renowned stone structures, daylit streets, and subtle pops of color, the experience truly becomes memorable and breathtaking. The grand archways Sharon and Vincent find themselves beneath are more meaningful when we remember that an archway symbolizes a bride and groom starting a new home together. It is also said to be a gateway or passage, allowing the transition into something beyond. What better way to begin a marriage? Take a walk through Obidos with us!

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The Look



D.I.Y. Paper Peonies

Hope you are all enjoying the Chinese New Year festivities with your loved ones! We really enjoyed making the paper peonies for our CNY greeting yesterday, so we thought we’d share with you the process. These paper flowers would be great not only as decor for the New Year’s but also for wedding tea ceremonies, especially because of the significance of this flower as we discussed in our post about wedding Kwas. Let’s get started now.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Colored paper for the petals and the stamen (for this project we picked red and peach), A4 cardstock with our Peony Template printed, scissors, glue, tape, a pencil, and hot glue (not pictured).



1. Cut out each petal and base shape from the printed template.

2. Fold the red paper into four equal sections crosswise.

3. Trace the petal template onto the paper and cut out all the layers accordingly.

4. Cut an extra slit about 2cm long at the bottom of the petals.

5. Dab some glue on to the base of each petal.

6. Stick the petal to the edge of the base with the slit overlapping.

7. Keep adding petals symmetrically until a layer is complete.

8. Keep adding layers until the base is completely filled, making sure the new petals alternate with the lower layer of petals.

9. Fold the peach coloured paper into four equal parts lengthwise, and cut into strips.

10. Take a strip and fold lengthwise.

11. Fringe, roll up, and secure the peach strip with some tape, then spread out the fringe outwards. 

12. Fix the stamen on to the centre of the flower with some hot glue.


Here are the peonies in different sizes:


Here’s an idea: Create a large flower without the stamen and use it as the base for teacups served during your tea ceremony! It would be the perfect extra detail — not only pretty but meaningful as well.

Photographer: Nikki Li

Fashion Friday: Inbal Dror 2016 Collection

As we usher in the long and busy weekend ahead, we thought we’d bring you something extra special for Fashion Friday. Ever since Inbal Dror’s designs hit the international scene, brides from all over the world have fallen madly in love with the incredible dresses that redefined what wedding gowns could look like. With figure-hugging silhouettes, plunging necklines, and sheer layers adorned with intricate embellishments, it’s really not difficult to see why. So without further ado, here’s Inbal Dror’s latest collection set against the concrete jungle that is New York City. Enjoy!

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When Love and Art Collide

Do you believe in matches made in Heaven? After today’s wedding by Martin Aesthetics, you probably will! Peter is a Canadian painter and Thierry is obsessed with Eastern metaphysics. If there was any love story decreed by fate, I’d say it’s this one. You can tell from the very first picture that you’re in for something different, striking, and every kind of wonderful! It can be tricky to look intensely and equally perfect in three different outfits, but Thierry wears each piece gorgeously without batting an eyelash. First, she appears as a picturesque bride adorned in traditional details by Koo Nam Wah‘s Qun Kwa, then a flower-crowned Rosa Clara queen, and lastly as an elegant lady in green. We are in love with these mismatched, deep hues of red, and the fun and relaxed vibe among the entire entourage. The entire affair is artsy, quirky, and just the thing to make our day divine!

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