Fashion Friday: Carolina Herrera Bridal S/S 2017

Doesn’t the name Carolina Herrera just get you all excited? I don’t know about you, but an angel chorus plays in the background whenever I hear it! And today, she definitely does not disappoint. Her newest bridal spring/summer collection is nothing short of flawless. Ethereal veils, skirts, and floral touches are paired with edgy suits and sharper cuts. I’m in love! Immerse yourself in this stunning collection today, and hear the angel chorus sing!






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Delicate Drama

Oh, my heart! Those are the first words that escaped me when I looked through this surreal wedding by Binc Photography. The amount of style and delicate gorgeousness should be enough to have us swooning, but at the same time, each photo tells a story, and captures just the sort of emotion we ache to see at weddings. Not to mention, every single gown from Designer Bridal Room is absolutely breathtaking. The entire affair has just enough drama, and just enough sweet simplicity. We hope you love it as much as we do!






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The Look


Bright and Blissful

When I go through a wedding, the very first thing I always look for is how wide the smiles are of the the wedding party, and how the bride and groom look at each other. With these two things in mind, it became clear to me that today’s wedding was sure to be one I’d remember. Elvis and Janet’s wedding by miLa Story is simple and intimate, full of details made with love as well as memorable heartfelt moments. This is exactly what we need to get our daily fix of romance, so we invite you to get all giddy with us and watch this gorgeous story of smiles and glances unfold. Enjoy!






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Inspiration Board: Modern Boheme

It’s been such a gloomy past few days, so it’s safe to say we all need some major inspiration to get us through the week. We have been cooking up something extra special here at Bride and Breakfast, and I thought I’d share with you the mood board we created for the project. It’s a mix of modern and bohemian, minimalist and ornate details. I picked colors that are eye-catching, refreshing, and multi-layered. I can’t wait to share with you more details about our secret project, but for now I hope this inspiration board will do.


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Sakura Adventures

Today’s feature is the embodiment of what we think engagement shoots should be like. As you scroll through Bernard and Kitty’s photos by Hyvis Tong, you’ll almost hear your favourite mushy song playing in the background. Each photo tells a charming story, and you can definitely feel magic in the air. Of course, the sight of cherry blossoms always make any occasion extra wonderful, so today is bound to be all kinds of lovely. Enjoy this little glimpse into perfection!






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The Look