Fashion Friday: Angel Sanchez Bridal Fall 2016

It’s the most fashionable day of the week and we’ve brought out the champagne to enjoy with our featured collection! Angel Sanchez’ latest bridal set is a breath of fresh air with silk gazar and cloquette dresses trimmed with laser-cut details. These dresses are fun and playful but at the same time feminine and fashion-forward. Cheers to a wonderful weekend ahead!

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D.I.Y. Bouquet Charms

It’s about time for another DIY project, so today we’ll be making pretty little charms to adorn your bridal bouquet! They might be small and barely noticeable, but they make perfect wedding keepsakes. You can write initials, names, words, phrases, or a particular date that is meaningful to you or just plain fun. Another idea is to use them to personalise your bridesmaids’ bouquets, which your girlfriends will surely appreciate. The good news is they’re very easy to make and decorate, so this project is totally doable even for non-crafty brides. Let’s get started!


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Inspiration Board: Steam Fog and Gold

I stumbled upon a lovely abstract painting while scrolling through Pinterest the other day, and it got me really excited to create a new inspiration board for you all. The painting is entitled “Smoke Fog 2” from the Wendover Art Group. The palette is subtle, clean and modern yet striking because of the gold accent. Keep scrolling to see all the photos up close!


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Painterly Kind of Love

It’s been a weekend of TV show binging for me and my husband, so we’re keeping it very chill today with a casual and fun e-sesh. You might recognize Maggie and Wesley from their Paris engagement we featured a few months back. Today they share with us photos from their Hong Kong engagement shoot with Jan Wong Photography. They kept it simple and fuss-free, making sure they just enjoyed each other’s company. Come take a peek, and walk away with a smile!

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Rustic Romance Styled Shoot

Our Monday is off to a good start with a sweet styled shoot from Heather Photography! If you can remember the vintage editorial she did last year, then you would have an idea of how good this set is going to be. With real couple Amy & Ting Fung, they explored a quaint little shop full of knick-knacks and finished off the day with a stroll on a beach. See the full set right this way!

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