Chinese Wedding Traditions: Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony is the most significant tradition of a Chinese wedding. It is where the bride and groom pay respect and show gratitude towards their family, who in turn blesses the newly weds as they start their life as husband and wife. Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning one for your big day:



What to Prepare

1. Cushions

Two red cushions to kneel on — one for the groom and one for the bride. You can either use a hand-me-down from your parents or purchase a new set. There are a variety of designs available at the Golden Plaza wedding mall in Prince Edward or trusty Taobao.


2. Tea Set

A Chinese wedding tea set is used for the ceremony and is meant to be a keepsake for the couple’s new life together. For bigger families, take note of the number of people participating in the ceremony as you need to make sure there are enough cups for everyone.


3. Tea

Any normal Chinese tea like tieguanyin or pu’er can be used. Just make sure not to use diet tea as skinny equates to bad fortune in Chinese. One unpeeled lotus seed (symbolizing quick and continuous childbearing) and one red date (symbolizing good luck) is placed in each tea cup.


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Divine Destiny

Drop everything you are doing, and give this next feature your full attention. Trust me, you won’t regret it. It’s Ben and Christy’s post-wedding session — and it is jaws-to-the-floor amazing! From a heavenly forest to a private boat then to a secluded beach, we’re taken on a dream journey courtesy of the one-and-only Jada Poon Photography. Christy’s looks deserve a standing ovation — her stunning Marchesa gown (which I will never tire of), her sweet lace robe from Lace Atelier, and, of course, that romantic teal Jenny Packham ensemble. This post-wedding session definitely ticks all the boxes in my book , so take notes and prepare for a romance masterclass!


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Soaring Sweethearts

I am truly, madly, deeply in love with today’s wedding (and I’m certain that you will share my sentiments)! Erica and David appear to be just as sweet as their wedding day turned out to be. A delicate bouquet by Divine Floréal, a pair of sparkly peep-toes, that stunning “I Told You So” sign by, a fresh and light outdoor setup that would make anyone feel like they were walking on air–what more can you wish for? KC Chan Photography documenting the whole day is the cherry on top of an ever-lovely cake. Have yourself a look and soar along with us!

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Fashion Friday: Elie Saab Fall 2015 Couture

No designer in the world knows our fairytale dreams as well as Elie Saab. Season after season, this Lebanese couturier never fails to capture our hearts, and his latest collection is no exception. The most sophisticated dresses in romantic silhouettes and embellished to perfection — Fashion Fridays can’t really get any better than this. Let the swoon fest begin!

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16 Designer Minaudières To Dazzle With

One of the most exciting evening wear accessory has got to be the minaudière. So much creativity goes into the design of these little masterpieces, and the options out there are endless! Whether you’re looking to have one for your big day or maybe to gift to your mom or mom-in-law, or maybe you just need to look at ridiculously pretty things to brighten up your day, here’s our list of the most dazzling ones on the market.

1. Alexander McQueen, Knuckle Embellished Satin Box Clutch


2. Oscar de la Renta, Pearl and Crystal Embroidered Cabochon Goa

3. Edie Parker, Fiona Faceted Gem Clutch

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