Love in the Little Things

Sometimes being in love is all about the little moments. Once the big wedding day is done and dusted, life goes right into shopping together, eating together, and just talking to teach other. With this engagement shoot, Kayelle Photo presents us with a delightful, sigh-worthy look into the day-to-day life of being in love. And judging by how these two look at each other so comfortably, they’re having lots of fun! Floral dresses, bowties, sidewalk smiles, stolen laughter, and a lovely walk around Soho come together beautifully, and remind us of something important today: We never have to try too hard to be romantic, because what could be more romantic than simply being with the person you love?

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The Look



Top 15 Short Bridal Looks from Resort 2016

If you’re on the hunt for a little white dress for either your casual wedding, City Hall registry, rehearsal dinner, or wedding after party, then you’re in luck! We’ve picked out 15 of the best wedding-worthy looks from the recent Resort 2016 collections. I know I said little white dresses, but I just had to throw in a few jumpsuits for brides that are looking for something different. Go ahead and take your pick!

Camilla and Marc
Elie Saab
Jill Stuart
Jonathan Simkhai
Prabal Gurung

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Provençal Countryside Engagement

When you’re surrounded by the beauty of nature and embraced by your one true love, how can you not think life is perfect? Well for Stephanie and Brian, being able to do their engagement shoot at a Provençal countryside farmhouse was everything dreamy and delightful. Being fond of cooking and horseback riding, they centered on a casual but totally fun theme, and we’ve got these wonderful photos of Darren LeBeuf to inspire us. At the end of the day, it’s really the little things that matter the most. Love, sweet love!

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The Look




Fashion Friday: Alon Livné White 2015

Intricate embellishments, dreamy silhouettes, and delicate fabrics make up the Alon Livne White 2015 collection. It’s official, we’re big fans! If wedding dresses were meant to cause jaws to drop or eyes to stare, then these surely get the job done. A bride will definitely radiate in any of these beauties — and heed my warning — it will be difficult to choose just one. So go ahead, scroll down and enjoy these works of art!

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Quick and Easy Wedding Hairstyles

With wedding season almost in full swing, we thought we’d share some quick and easy hairstyles that you can totally do on your own be it as a bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest. We’ve summoned expert help from Xing of XING maQuillage who came up with three gorgeous styles — a half updo that can be turned into a side-swept updo, plus a 5-minute braid.


Hairstyle #1: Half Updo

Add volume to your hair by creating loose curls with a curling iron and then teasing the top portion of your hair.

Tie your hair into a pony tail and then split the part above the hair tie in the middle.

Carefully tuck the pony tail into the split and gently pull all the way down.

Secure the top half with a few hair pins. Take a small bunch of your pony tail and wrap it around the hair tie to hide it.

Secure with a hair pin and finish with some hair spray.


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