Must-Have Wedding Photo Checklist with Your Bridesmaids!

Time passes really quickly at your best friend’s wedding, especially when you’re part of the bride tribe. As important as it is to fulfill your roles and responsibilities, the bride (and yourself of course!) would want these precious moments to be captured and frozen in time. So while you’re being the best bridesmaid she could ever have, have some fun and tick these snapshots off your checklists. A couple of decades down the road, both of you will be sipping your afternoon tea and having a good time looking back at these memories of your sisterhood. Let’s get started girlfriend!


1) The ‘Matchy Preppy’ Shot

[From: A Breathtaking Blush Wedding at the Bvlgari Resort in Bali / Photo: Terralogical]


2) The ‘Getting Dressed’ Shot

[From: An Intimate and Elegant Wedding by the Beach / Photo: Darin Images]


3) The ‘Veiling the Bride’ Shot

[From: An Intimate and Heartwarming Church Wedding / Photo: Feel in the Blank]


4) ‘We Got the Lai See’ Shot

[From: This Timeless Wedding is Filled with Heartwarming Traditions / Photo: Sophia Kwan]


5) The ‘Successful Post Door Games’ Shot

[From: A Burgundy and Mint Wedding at Repulse Bay / Photo: History Studio]


6) The ‘Carrying Her Train’ Shot

[From: Don’t Miss The Breathtaking Landscapes of This Wedding in Iceland / Photo: Nordica Photography]


7) The ‘Flower Power’ Shot

[From: This Blush Rustic Garden Wedding in Idyllic Phuket Has Got Us Falling in Love Again / Photo: Amee Cheung]


8) The ‘One With The Groomsmen, Because One Photo Is Not Enough’ Shot

[From: A Destination Wedding with Modern Interiors and Red Color Accents / Photo: Terralogical]


9) The ‘Throw the Bouquet’ Shot

[From: A Classic Wedding with a Burgundy and Light Gray Color Theme / Photo: Storyteller Studio]


10) The ‘Next Top Model’ Shot

[From: A Sweet Blush-Themed Cathedral Wedding / Photo: Binc Photography]


11) The ‘Dressed to the Nines’ Shot

[From: From Here to Eternity / Photo: Patrick Photography]


12) The ‘Best Friends Forever Cutesy’ Shot

[From: Forever and Always / Photo: Stephen C Photography]


13) The ‘Group Hug’ Shot

[From: A Heartwarming Cream-colored Wedding at Hyatt Regency Shatin / Photo: MC Photography]


14) The ‘Laugh a Little’ Shot

[From: An Outdoor Wedding in Thailand with a Yellow Color Scheme / Photo: Darin Images]


15) The ‘Put Your Best Foot Forward’ Shot

[From: A Gorgeous Wedding at The Verandah with Pastel Color Accents / Photo: Jenny Tong]


16) The ‘We Got Each Other’s Back’ Shot

[From: Modern Garden Elegance / Photo: Mary Ann Art & Photography]


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