How to Prepare For Rain On Your Wedding Day, Just in Case!

All brides pray for no rain on their wedding day, but it won’t hurt to take necessary precautionary measures, just in case. Don’t you agree? If you think about it, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So here’s a list of things you can do to prepare for the possibility of rain on your wedding day.

[From: This Couple’s Rainy Engagement Shoot Turned Out to Be So Beautiful / Photo: Patrick Photography]


(1) Have a plan B.

Ask your wedding venue if they have another room with a roof in case it rains and if you can have it on stand by. You can also rent a tent ready, just in case, if your venue doesn’t have another option.


(2) Don’t forget to take good care of your guests.

If your venue does not have a back up option, or the ceremony is happening already, please make sure not to keep your guests under rain for too long. Especially for the elderly, they might easily get sick under rain.


[From: An Intimate Garden Wedding with a Sparkle of Rain / Photo: Feel in the Blank]


(3) Deal with the emotions, then move on.

If you catch yourself in the middle of a downpour in your wedding day, it’s okay to get frustrated. But deal with those emotions and move on a quickly as possible. Instead on dwelling on your negative emotions, try to shift to a more positive perspective so you can enjoy the rest of the day.


(4) Take the cue from your photographer.

Keep an open mind and let your photographer help you out. He or she will know what to do–how to play with the rain to get romantic shots. So don’t worry, you can still have magical photos even if it rains. In fact, this article contains tips on how to have beautiful wedding photos even if it rains.


[From: This Couple Made Their Rainy Day Photo Session as Fun as Can Be / Photo: Jeff Lee Picture]


(5) You can make rain look cute.

Rain isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, you can still make any rainy day extra cute with props and with the help of your photographer. Which bring us to the next two points.


(6) Include umbrellas and other rainy day props in your plans.

Be rain-ready by including umbrellas, towels, and other props that you can use to either protect yourselves or use for photos.



[From: This Couple’s Rainy Engagement Shoot Turned Out to Be So Beautiful / Photo: Patrick Photography]


(7) Let the wind sweep you off your feet.

We don’t mean this literally, but if the rain comes with some wind, then make the most of it! If you’ve moved on with those feelings of frustrations and place your trust in your photographer, you can take gorgeous shots with the rain and wind combined.


(8) Be on the lookout for a rainbow!

And finally, remember that if it rains, it means there’s a chance that a rainbow will turn up afterwards. Watch out for it and don’t forget to take photos with it.



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