How To Host a Fun Bridesmaids Dress Fitting Session

In most cases, if not all, the Maid of Honor or select bridesmaids come with the bride when she goes wedding dress hunting. Naturally, having your best friends around you while trying on dresses is not only fun, but also insightful. What if you do the same for your girls?

Different brides go about choosing bridesmaids outfits in different ways. Some give swatches and give the girls free reign to pick their dresses based on the swatch. Others as the tribe be ready with pre-selected designs which they can present to the bride’s chosen stylist. But if you’ve always loved shopping with your girls then one thing you can do to make wedding planning an enjoyable experience for your best girl friends is to host a bridesmaids dress fitting session. Gather everyone together and look for the perfect bridesmaid dress for each one of the girls. Here are a few tips to help get you started!

(1) Set a date in advance.

To get the girls together, invite them early and set a date in advance. It might be hard to find to common time for everyone, so the earlier you get the ball rolling, the better. Be mindful as well of your wedding planning timeline; align your dress fitting session with your timeline.

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(2) Choose a color palette and give your outfit guidelines, if any.

To make your dress fitting session with the girls more efficient, let them know about the color palette and any wedding outfit guidelines you might have. For example, no lace or elaborate embellishments since these are for the bride only. This way you give your bridesmaids flexibility to choose while making sure no one picks a dress that will clash with your wedding dress.

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(3) Don’t forget the shoes.

Since you’re already looking for bridesmaid dresses, you can also move on to shoes and even accessories! If you plan to add these to your itinerary, make sure you allot ample time. You know how girls are when they shop!

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(4) Make it an extension of your bridal party.

Instead of literally just a fitting session, add some fun into the activity! In fact, you can make the fitting session an extension of your bridal party. Add games, trivia questions, and more. This is another opportunity to bond with the girls, so do make the most of it.

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(5) Dress up the place.

In addition to adding fun activities, elevate the experience by decorating the dress salon you’ll be going too. If you’ll be going to several places instead of just one, settle down at the last stop or even end the day in a restaurant with private room–you can dress up this last venue. Here you can all rest and chat about the dresses you saw and what each bridesmaid ended up choosing.


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(6) Add a pretty food bar.

Instagrammable decorations go well with Instagrammable food! Treat the girls with delicious food that’s in a pretty table. Throw in tea or even bubbly drinks to keep the mood light and enjoyable.

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(7) Take lots of photos!

Lastly, take a lots of photos! With all the gorgeous dresses the girls will be trying on and with the decorations and food bar you set up for them, it’s only right that you immortalize the day with a lot of photos. Yes, you can also hire a photographer to capture this little milestone in your wedding planning journey!

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