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Wedding bouquets are a fave of mine, really. I set aside extra time to read up on bouquet breakdowns because I’m always so engrossed with how you can piece together flowers and form a beautiful, hand-held accessory! Yes, that’s right, bouquets are also accessories that are part of the bride’s whole attire. Today, we’re giving you the 101 on bouquet shapes and styles. Read up now and find the style that fits you and your bridal look.


(1) Round Bouquet

The round bouquet shape is a classic style that is still one of the most, if not the most, popular among brides. It’s made of a big cluster of flowers and fillers gathered into a sphere-like shape. This shape works well with a selection of different flowers or the same ones. Here are some beautiful examples you can take a look at.

[From: Winter Dreamland Tale / Photo: /  Bouquet: FLOWERZ]

[From: A Breathtaking Entanglement / Photo:  / Bouquets: IAMFLOWER]


(2) Cascading Bouquet

For a sophisticated look, a cascading bouquet might be something you’ll fancy. This style is designed to gracefully flow over the bride’s arms. It starts with a round shape at the top, followed by a long trail of flowers and foliage. See these gorgeous cascading bouquets below.

[From: Our First Sunset / Photo:]

[Photo: Jo Photo / Bouquet: LB FLoral]

(3) Pageant Bouquet

The pageant bouquet is an elegant choice with its long-stemmed flowers and foliage that sit at arm’s length. It can be made with flowers or a mix of flowers and fillers. This is a stunning alternative for the classic round shape and looks perfect even a rustic engagement shoot like this one.

[From: Bridal Musings / Photo: Peter and Veronika / Bouquet: Moruska Design]

[Left, From: Loverly / Photo: Jose Villa , Right, Photo: Reg Campbell / Bouquet: The Elegant Bee]


(4) Hand-Tied Bouquet

A hand-tied bouquet consists of flowers and greenery that is loosely tied together with a ribbon. This style looks effortless and fresh. It also goes well with all kinds of wedding themes and styles. Take this bouquet as an example, isn’t it simple, yet extra pretty?

[From: Island Intimacy / Photo: ]

[From: Burnt Orange and Mint Themed Garden Wedding at One-Thirtyone / Photo: / Bouquets: 


(5) Posy Bouquet

The posy bouquet is very similar to the round bouquet style. The difference is that it’s smaller. This style is usually chosen for bridesmaids but some petite brides also opt for posy bouquets. One advantage of going for a posy bouquet is that it’s lighter, and easy to carry with just one hand.

[From: Spring Sunshine / Photo: / Bouquet: ]

[From: Breezy Paradise / Photo: ]


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