Find the Best Wedding Hairstyle for Your Face Shape Here

Finding the right hairstyle for your wedding day is an essential part of completing your wedding look. Apart from styles that are extra pretty, you also need to think of whether it suits your face shape. In today’s feature, we talked to Hong Kong makeup artists and asked them to suggest hairstyles for different face shapes. If you found a couple of styles that you like, cross check with the tips below to see if they are ideal for your face shape. You want to make sure your hairstyle will make you look better, not the other way around!

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If you have a round or wide, square-like face, you can make your face look slimmer by retaining some of your hair down at the side with a handful of hair under the ears, says Mia Makeup. This will help create an illusion of a more elongated face.


Prominent cheekbones can be softened by leaving some hair down by the sides of the face–similar to the technique for round or wide faces. Ruby.K Makeup adds that you can touch up the look with wispy strands to make the face and cheekbones look smaller.



With a petite face that’s shaped like a diamond, fluffy hair will add more dimension to your face says, Sum M Makeup. She suggests tying your hair in a low bun for an elegant timeless feel. A natural, fluffy do that’s simply pulled back will do, too. Both look good from all angles.


What’s the trick to slightly stretching long faces horizontally? The Tiny’s Workshop suggests to separate your fringe at the middle, then curl the bangs. The inward curling form can cover the cheekbones, and the outward curling form can wrap the face shape. Overall, your face will look a little wider.


If you have high hairlines at your forehead, be careful about separating your bands–avoid parting at the center. Instead, twist your bangs towards the side, covering the sides of the forehead. The Tiny’s Workshop says this will hide your deep forehead.



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