Fill Your Home with Modern Elegance with These Amazing Finds

After the wedding and honeymoon, the next exiting milestone for newlyweds is building a new home. How exciting is the idea of putting together a dwelling place that you can call your own and you can say is a reflection of your personal style? Just like you, we’re enthusiastic about home styling too, so we can’t wait to share with you some amazing home decor finds that will make your abode a stylish, contemporary living space.

Originally from Japan, Francfranc is a modern home decor shop that specializes in affluent lifestyle home pieces. With the wide array for products that they carry, Francfranc can turn your home into everything you’ve dreamed it to be—classy, comfortable, and full of details that are uniquely you.

Whether you’re going for a simple minimalist theme, a luxe style full of color and texture, or even a modern sophisticated look, you’ll find just you what you need for your new home at Francfranc. Their 2018 Autumn and Winter Collection, called Retro Elegance, features elegant pieces with a modern, yet playful touch—think captivating colors, from pastels to neutrals, and deeper tones paired with clean lines and shapes, all coming together to form an undeniably refined aesthetic. Surely, newlyweds, like you, will not be able to resist such a tasteful selection of home and living decorations.

To help you visualize all the beautiful possibilities with the many selections form Francfranc, here are some of our top picks and how you can style them. We hope this sparks some inspiration ideas for you and your new home!


New Home Must Haves

  • Combine cushion covers in deep jewel colors for a bold dramatic living room look.


  • Pair a colored statement wall with a minimalist table like this CIELO Dining Table that’s made with an Italian marble tabletop for a fun yet polished look.

  • Make sure you display wedding photos, too. Use this SALLI Frame to display your wedding photos.

  • How about cute little THE ONE Pair Mugs in the kitchen as well? They’re little charmers that will go with your morning coffee.

  • And don’t forget to include the IL Rafini Room Fragrance Set so your home not only looks good, make sure every room smells extra fragrant too!



For the Bride

  • We couldn’t help not picking out special items for our brides, starting off with some stylish sleepwear. Doze into the land of dreams in the STRETCH Velour Pajamas.

Francfranc is the place to search for newlyweds who want to start their new life in comfort, style, and elegance. Put together key pieces from this shop and you’ll find that in a second, you’ll feel right at home.


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