Everything You Need To Know To Choose The Right Wedding Day Videographer

Alongside having a well-trusted wedding photographer, we also usually encourage couples to invest in an equally experienced wedding videographer. Of all the wedding essentials, your photos and videos are crucial elements since these allow you to capture the most important day of your life and look back on it over and over again until you grow old and grey. Hence, taking time to choose the right wedding day photographer and videographer is key.

We already talked about the different kinds of wedding day photography, the relevant questions to ask when choosing a photographer, and the traits to look out for in a wedding photographer. Now let’s focus on wedding videographers. Learn about the different kinds of wedding videography, the common package offers, and what to ask and look out for while you’re canvassing different options. Read more below.

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Kinds of Wedding Day Videography

Videographers have different styles of documenting your wedding day. Find out which suits you best by learning about them here.

(1) Cinematic

As one of the more popular styles, this kind of videography is similar to movies such that it’s edited and styled like a cinematic art film.  These videos can be linear in the footage, meaning it more or less follows the wedding day flow and comes with sound bytes. Or in contrast, modern-style cinematic videos can be non-linear. Instead of following the main flow of the event, the footage is cut and edited to elicit an overall feel and mood with the video edits and music.

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(2) Journalistic

A journalistic approach to wedding day videography aims to capture the day as it happened and highlights the biggest moments at your wedding. This type of wedding videography is also sometimes called documentary style videography as it zooms in on moments like getting ready, guests interactions, messages and speeches, and so on.

(3) Storytelling

As the name suggests, storytelling wedding videography is meant to relay the event like a story. Sound bytes are commonly used to relay more about the couple’s love story and the video focuses on creatively showing how the wedding day unfolds.

Common Package Offers or Options

These are the common wedding videography package offers or options. In some cases, vendors may also suggest bundles so you can get more out of the event footage.

(1) Trailer or Teaser

Just like a move teaser or trailer, this video is short–only about one minute or so–and serves as a way to get people excited about the couple’s wedding while only revealing limited details. This is also commonly shot during the engagement photo session and is used as the save-the-date video.

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(2) Same-Day Edit

If you’ve been to a wedding, you would have already seen a same-day edit video which is commonly played at the end of the wedding banquet. This video, which is about four to 8 minutes long, is a recap of the wedding made by the video team on the spot so that the couple can view what went on during their special day. Because the wedding day is so busy for brides and grooms, this allows them to appreciate the day even more.

(3) Short Film

Videographers also offer short films. These are edited versions of the wedding in chronological form and includes all the essential moments of the day. You can also talk to your videographer if there are any scenes that you’d like to include or remove. For example, some couples may prefer to cut the getting ready scenes and add the first look or more banquet scenes. A short film is usually about an hour long.

(4) Full-Length Documentary

If a short film is a compressed video of your wedding day, a full length-documentary is a more detailed version and covers more scenes and moments. It can include whole sections of your ceremony and banquet.

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(5) Add-Ons

Usually, videographers will also give you the option to purchase add-ons like these ones.

  • Raw footage: unedited footage from your wedding day
  • Drone aerial coverage
  • Interview-style footage, which may include an interview with you as a couple as well as a lifestyle shoot

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Important Questions to Ask Videographers

Lastly, here are some questions that you should also ask when meeting potential videographers. Some of the answers may already be in the contract draft. If not, then it’s best to ask as early as you can.

(1) How many hours of coverage are included in each package?

(2) Will you be scheduling another wedding for the same day?

(3) What does your cancellation (or rescheduling) process look like?

(4) Do you require a deposit? If so, how much?

(5) What is your turnaround time?

(6) How will the film and footage be delivered?

(7) Are you open to editing feedback?

Ready to start canvassing wedding videographers? You can begin your search here.

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