Essential Beauty Secrets Every Bride Needs to Know

If anyone knows a thing or two about wedding beauty, it’s makeup industry veteran Caroline Sze of Seasoning.  Today she reveals to us her ultimate bridal beauty secrets that will have you looking your best on your wedding day!



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(1) Be aware of the different environments you’ll be in throughout your wedding day, and figure out your whole bridal look from there.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, cold or warm, dry or humid, bright or dimly lit, make sure your makeup, hair, and outfits are appropriate and practical for the setting and climate of your wedding day. If you’re the emotional type, ask for waterproof makeup that can withstand all the happy tears you’ll be shedding.


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(2) Be selective in who you listen to for advice.

You might have to deal with friends and relatives that are more than eager to offer opinions or suggestions for the numerous details that make up your wedding. Welcome these advices, but don’t be easily swayed by them. Conflicting views might cause psychological knots that you don’t want to carry with you until your wedding day. It is impossible to please everyone, so at the end of the day listen to your heart and follow your instincts.


(3) Get enough sleep, relax, and truly enjoy the day.

Shake off all your stresses and be intentional in savoring every moment of your big day. Knowing the real essence of marriage and holding on to that joy will overshadow all the hiccups that can happen whether big or small. Planning a wedding is no easy feat, so take time to rest and charge up. You need your energy to be at a 100% in order to enjoy the whole celebration.


(4) Your wedding is only one day but a day that you will look back on for the rest of your life, so consider the timelessness of your style selections.

From deciding on your hair to your makeup to your dress, from picking a color palette to flowers and a photographer, think beyond trends and current fashion. The last thing you want is to look back with regret on your wedding day. Focus on looking effortless, healthy, and fresh. Go for quality rather than quantity. It’s more important to have a minimal yet finished look than an ambitious yet unrefined one. At the end of the day, your wedding should not be a show but a celebration with your nearest and dearest.


(5) The secret to being beautiful on your best day is really found in embracing yourself.

Real beauty goes beyond surface and style. You wouldn’t want to be a bride that is weighed down by insecurities and worries. Discover your individuality, and be proud of who you are. Your personality, temperament, and life experiences all contribute to your uniqueness, so take time to understand yourself and embrace every precious bit of you. Remember that confident brides are the most beautiful!



[Photos: Rico of An Ant Capture]

Besides her wealth of knowledge about beauty and makeup, Caroline’s passion for life and pursuing one’s dreams is evident and contagious. She has found purpose in her career watching and guiding women in their personal journey of transformation from the inside out. She loves getting to know her brides, helping them understand themselves, and gaining confidence in the process. She hosts personal and group workshops and offers bespoke couture makeup services.

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