Emotional Shots Photographers Look Out For in Weddings

Your wedding is the most important day of your life! Naturally, you’ll want your photographer to capture every detail–your dress, your hair, the flowers, the decorations, family, and friends. Weddings are also such beautiful milestones filled with moments that touch us deeply. So aside from all the gorgeous details, photographers are also keen on capturing everything else that happens in between. We approached some of our partner photographers to share with us some emotional moments they look out for when shooting weddings. Get ready to feel all the love you’ll ever need with this roundup of photos that will definitely pull on your heartstrings. Enjoy!


From miLa story:

Dot and Mike from miLa story emphasize that they treasure the connection between couples and their beloved parents and family. So what they look out for in weddings are the emotions and interactions between couples and their beloved family. Here are some examples.

That crucial moment when the veil is placed over the bride’s face right before she walks down the aisle.

The mother of the bride hugs the bride when she sees her daughter wearing the same gua she wore on her wedding day.

Here’s an excited groom who can’t wait to finally claim his bride after all the challenging door games.


From Martin Aesthetics:

From those candid, fun moments filled with laughter, to silent ones that speak multitudes, Martin Aesthetics always seeks out these most genuine moments. Here are some stellar samples of what he looks out for.

Fun moments with the bride tribe are always too precious not to capture.

The groom finally puts a ring on it! This leading man was a bit nervous but he surely made sure to get that ring on his bride.

Always a touching moment–when the father walks down the aisle with his daughter. This tear-jerking moment is not to be missed!


From TruEcolor Gallery:

TruEcolor Gallery seeks out moments that couples can truly cherish later on as they look back on their wedding day photos. They snap everything you’ll want to remember from couple firsts, to tear-jerking vows, and more. Take these photos for example.

Here’s a couple’s first kiss as husband and wife after the reception, under the stars and surrounded by family and friends.

Vows are always special–all eyes (and camera lenses) are on the couple during this moment when they share their lifetime promises with one another.

It’s a must to get those candid tidbits right after the ceremony with a groom who can’t contain his happiness. The groomsmen decided to give him a toss to rejoice with him!


From Daniel Baci Photography:

Daniel Baci never fails to get emotions from everyone, even those who are there to witness the couple’s union. While focus may be with the bride and groom, here’s an example of an emotional moment from the ceremony spectators.

Tears of joy coming from those witnessing the union are on every photographer’s list.


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