D.I.Y. Macrame Backdrop

We’re going all bohemian with today’s pretty project! Macrame decor has been gaining popularity in the recent years, especially with the current boho craze. It’s a craft that can get really complicated, so we thought we’d start with something really basic and easy to make — a macrame backdrop/curtain! I know this might still look extra complicated to make, but trust me — it’s really much easier than it seems. Take note that the instructions below are for a backdrop that is 1.5m tall and 1m wide, but feel free to adjust the measurements according to your desired final size. Let’s get started!



What you’ll need:

  • Macrame cording (which you can get from Flying Dragon in Sham Shui Po) and scissors


  • A wooden dowel or alternatively, a braided cord like below.




1. Cut 16 pieces of rope that are 3 meters long (twice the height of the curtain). Take a piece of rope and fold it in half. Slide the loop end under the braid (or dowel).



2. String the open ends of the cording through the loop and pull it tight to secure over the braid.




3. Repeat with each piece of rope, placing them about 2 inches apart until you reach the end of the braid.


4. Take two sets of rope starting from one end. Note that we are about to do a double knot with these four strings. To be clear, two steps are needed to create one knot. Let’s call it step A and B. So to crete a double knot, you would have to do step A-B-A-B. In all these steps, you are only moving the outer strings while the middle strings are stationary. Let’s try to make our first knot:

Step A (From right to left)




Step B (From left to right)




One knot is done. You can see that we’ve created a square knot. 



5. Let’s start the second knot now by repeating steps A and B.



Now you have done a double knot. Continue on with the succeeding ropes to create a whole row of them!


6. Next, add a second row of double-square knots starting with two cords in from the edge, so that the next row of knots alternate with the previous row. Continue this pattern until you reach your desired length.


To make sure you’re doing it correctly, each double knot should have two horizontal loops. (Can you spot the wrong knots in the photo below?)



Personalize your backdrop by adding beads, brass pipe fittings, flowers, feathers etc. The options are endless! We’re using this backdrop for a special project we’re cooking up, so stay tuned for more photos!




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