D.I.Y. Leaf Candle Holder

There’s no shortage of fun and creative DIY projects that you can do to make your wedding look more sincere and personalized. For those whose fingers are itching to craft up a storm, we have another great idea coming your way! These leaf candle holders are both charmingly rustic and exquisitely refined at the same time. You can either have them as part of your reception dinner’s table centerpieces or as accessories in the other elements of your wedding decor. Let’s get started!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A4 sheets of paper of any color, tea light candles, glass candle holders, washi tape, pen, and a pair of scissors



1. Using the pen, trace the base of the glass onto the white paper and cut out accordingly.


2. Fold another sheet of white paper into three equal sections crosswise.


3. Fold it again into three equal parts crosswise.


4. Crease in half lengthwise and trace a petal like shape onto one side. Cut out all layers at the same time.


5. Cut thin strips on each side of the petal and a short vertical cut on the base of the petal.


6. Gently tug at the strips for added texture.


7. Place the two ends of the petal together and stick several of these onto the paper base until it’s full.


8. Place the glass on top of the finished leaf candle holder.


8. Using washi tape, cover up the edges of the tea candle for some extra flare.


9. Insert the tea candle into the glass and light a flame.


Here is the final product. You can try experimenting will all sorts of coloured or textured paper. Even metallic ones will look great. Happy crafting!

Photographer: nikkiloveu

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