D.I.Y. Flower Crown Video Tutorial

Hello, ladies! We have a really fun D.I.Y. project for you today. We know you love anything and everything floral–we do too! So, here’s a pretty flower crown that you can make on your own. Be it for your engagement shoot, or for your outdoor wedding, this hair accessory is a lovely accent and it’s quite simple to do.


Here are detailed instructions. Enjoy!


  • Flowers (fresh or silk)
  • Wire
  • Pliers
  • Green Tape


(1) Cut the wire based on the measurement of your head.

(2) Take a flower and start wrapping the stem on to the wire using the green tape. Add some leaves and add more flowers. Continue adding until about 3/4 of the wire is covered.

(3) Hold the ends together and wrap them with the green tape to complete the crown.

Voila! The flower crown is complete!

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