Bright and Blissful

When I go through a wedding, the very first thing I always look for is how wide the smiles are of the the wedding party, and how the bride and groom look at each other. With these two things in mind, it became clear to me that today’s wedding was sure to be one I’d remember. […]

Elegant + Traditional Kyoto Wedding

I think we can all agree that the beginning of the week demands a good pick-me-upper, so why don’t we sweeten up our Monday with something extra special and enchanting? Tyler and Chieko’s wedding set in picturesque Kyoto is not only romantic but a real joy to look through. Their sophisticated style and classic color scheme were liven up with traditional touches that […]

Vintage One Thirty-One Wedding

Fun yet intimate, simple yet full of love. That’s how I’d describe Carol and Jack’s unique celebration held at One Thirty-One. This couple brilliantly displayed their personality in the numerous little details that made up their big day. I just looooove the bride’s one-of-a-kind ankle-length dress — such a breath of fresh air! And I also have to point […]

The Look



Snowy Escapades

A crisp, chilly day spent beside the one you love… that’s just the kind of thing we daydream about, isn’t it? We are super excited about the way Martin Aesthetics brought this to life. If the picturesque scenery and the adorable winter chic doesn’t convince you that a snowy day engagement shoot is a good idea, […]

The Look



When Love and Art Collide

Do you believe in matches made in Heaven? After today’s wedding by Martin Aesthetics, you probably will! Peter is a Canadian painter and Thierry is obsessed with Eastern metaphysics. If there was any love story decreed by fate, I’d say it’s this one. You can tell from the very first picture that you’re in for something different, […]