Blooming Bridal Beauties

As the wedding date draws near, the bride-to-be might start becoming a bit stressed and frazzled. So where can she turn to for comfort and support? Why, the very people who she can always count on of course — her girlfriends! And today’s set by Binc Photography does a great job of showcasing the support among […]

The Look



Luxe Shanghai Mansion Wedding

Come and step into today’s modern fairytale of a wedding set in J&E Mansion, Shanghai! From the dreamy garden ceremony setup with a breathtaking fountain as backdrop to the palatial banquet hall adorned with gold trimmings, Sonia and Horace’s big day was gorgeous beyond imagination. We’re obsessed with the stunning bride’s immaculate style from head […]

Fanciful Delight

If there’s one thing I got from this feature, it’s that fairy tales do come true! I must admit, Tiffany and Leslie’s wedding brought my little girl fantasies to life. From the gorgeous gown tailored for a princess to the exquisite garden set-up, I can’t help but picture my very own happy ever after! We’ve […]

Elegant + Traditional Kyoto Wedding

I think we can all agree that the beginning of the week demands a good pick-me-upper, so why don’t we sweeten up our Monday with something extra special and enchanting? Tyler and Chieko’s wedding set in picturesque Kyoto is not only romantic but a real joy to look through. Their sophisticated style and classic color scheme were liven up with traditional touches that […]

B&B Editorial: Oceans of Beautiful Blue

Inspired by the unpolished elegance of the sun, sand, and sea, the colors of the horizon, and the raw beauty of earthly gems, we bring you an editorial from the pristine shores of Cebu, Philippines. It’s a soothing palette of ocean blues and sea greens accentuated by purple jewels from the depths of the earth.  You’d really […]

The Look