Chic and Modern Dresses for Your Bridesmaids Available Online

Behind every bride is her bride tribe. And just as much as the bride needs to look her best, so do the rest of the ladies! If you haven’t shopped for your gals’ dresses yet, then today’s going to be a real treat for you and them. We put together a collection of chic and modern dress styles especially for your bridesmaids. They’ll not only look their best, they will also look extra captivating in any one of these dresses. So, start browsing these styles now and start sending them to your girl friends, too.


Mix a feminine hue with clean and modern lines and you have a stunning look for your bridesmaids! We love this color, but we also love these styles just as much.

[Dresses, clockwise: Net-a-Porter, Jenny Yoo, Maid to Measure, We are Rewritten, Jenny Yoo]


None of your gal pals will feel blue if they don one of these dresses! Whether it be cobalt blue, dusty blue, or sky blue, a chic choice–say for instance, this halter dress from Jenny Yoo, or one-shoulder dress from Net-a-Porter–will be loved by all your bridesmaids.

[Dresses, clockwise: Maid to Measure, Jenny Yoo, Net-a-Porter, Maid to Measure, The Reformation]


Wearing red is even more alluring if it’s done in style! With these red selections, your bride tribe will definitely stand out from the crowd not only because of the vivid color, but also because of the modern silhouettes.


[Dresses, clockwise: We are Rewritten, Net-a-Porter, The Reformation, The Reformation]


Cream and nudes are absolutely elegant, and there’s no question as to why. But to make things even more interesting, clad your entourage in a modern-looking dress in this color. These gowns will make your girls looking real from head to toe.


[Dresses, clockwise: Jenny Yoo, Net-a-Porter, The Reformation]


For those who like a pop of color, the next few selections are for you. Let’s start with green. You can go for something a little more muted, or you can go with a jewel tone, like emerald. These styles are also a tad bit more fun–look at those tassels!


[Dresses, clockwise: Net-a-Porter, Jenny Yoo, The Reformation, Rodeoshow, We are Rewritten]


Here’s another jewel tone that looks even more stunning when executed with modernity. Gold and yellow have a sophisticated air to them. For example, look at this silk dress; isn’t is gorgeous?


[Dresses, clockwise: The Reformation, Net-a-Porter, Net-a-Porter]


Finally, let’s not forget the color purple! You can even tone it down or choose a softer option from the same color family. Here are some options within the same palette that are simple and classy.

[Dresses, clockwise: Net-a-Porter, We Are Rewritten]

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