Achieve an Elegant Wedding Look with Any of These 13 Bridal Accessories

You wedding gown is just one part of your wedding look. The other pieces of the puzzle that make an impact on your look are your bridal accessories, including your hair accessories and jewellery! In today’s feature, we put together 13 bridal accessories that will help you achieve an elegant wedding look. The selection we […]

18 Unique Ring Boxes For Your Wedding Bands

After saying “I do”, have you thought about where you will keep your wedding bands? How about housing your precious wedding rings in a unique case? Instead of the traditional ring box, here’s a collection of 18 adorable ring boxes that we know you will love. Or if you are expecting a proposal, send this […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Gift Your Bridesmaids with Pearl Accessories

We always encourage brides to be appreciative of all the people around them, that includes the entourage! For most brides–if not all–the entourage is made up of the bride’s best gal pals. These are girls who have seen you through your worst, celebrated with you during your many triumphs, and have your back always. Now […]