Giveaway: New Year, New Wallpapers!!!

Yes, you read it right. We’re giving away free, downloadable wallpapers to start the New Year with some fun!   Cellphone Wallpapers

Giveaway: Handmade Floral Bridal Hair Vine from Emily Hart

Accessories always complete the look. It might seem like a small detail but it can do great wonders to your overall style come wedding day. So, you must not forget to plan for your accessories! Now don’t panic, because we’ve got your covered. Today, we have the perfect accessory to add to your bridal ensemble. Thanks to our friends at Emily […]

Giveaway: Personalized Feather-Filled Balloons Set from Molala

One of the best parts of wedding planning is gathering your BFFs to be part of your entourage. For me, it was like gathering the best memories from my childhood, teen years, and college years into this new, and exiting time of my life. Asking them to take a special place by your side on […]

Giveaway: Gown + Studio Rental Package from GAIA Project

We girls just LOVE playing dress-up. Isn’t that right? And with that also comes our love of taking photos! Selfies are just way too fun, and posing in front of the camera is second-nature to most females out there. If you agree with us 100%, then today’s giveaway is perfect for you! GAIA Project is offering a […]

Giveaway: Custom Wax Seal Set from SanStation

If I had to pick one current favorite trend in wedding stationery (don’t forget the read the tips on that if you haven’t), it would definitely be custom wax seals! It’s one of the easiest ways to add a luxurious and romantic touch to your correspondences and to show the recipient how much you effort and care […]